Wrong customer payment and invoice reversal in AX 2012

Sometimes, due to a clerical error, an invoice has been created and a payment applied to the wrong customer account.

The following are the steps that should be followed in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for the scenario where an invoice was posted to one customer account and you want to move that invoice to a different customer account.

1. Reverse the settlement through Closed transactions editing

  • Navigation: Accounts receivable > Common > Customers > Collect > Closed Transaction Editing

navigation to closed transaction editing dynamics ax

  • Change “Settlement reversal posting date” to Todays date (this ensures that the reversal isn’t put in a closed period)

settlement reversal posting date today dynamics ax

  • Mark payment and then select reverse
  • This transaction can now be seen in settle open transactions editing
  • Note: this transaction will also be in the current period

2. Create a customer payment with opposite amount of original payment journal

  • Accounts Receivable > Common > Payments > Payment Journal > New Payment Journal
  • Create a Journal with an opposite amount. IE, if original was credit make a debit journal

new payment journal in dynamics ax

  • Post Journal

posting journal in dynamics ax

3. Settle original payment with new payment through Open transaction editing

  • Accounts Receivable > Common > Customers > Collect > Settle open Transactions
  • Mark original payment and the payment that was just created

settle open transactions dynamics ax

  • Select update

4. Reverse your invoice

  • Accounts receivable > Common > Customers > Customer > Transactions

navigate to transactions dynamics ax

  • Select original transaction
  • Click “Reverse Transaction” at the top

wrong customer payment and invoice reversal in ax 2012

  • Change “Reverse posting date” to today’s date, add a reason code and hit ok

5. Post Invoice on correct account

6. Post Payment Journal on correct account

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