Unpacking the Pack Station in Dynamics 365: Part 2 of 2

In part 1 of this blog, we discussed how we can use the pack station within the Dynamics 365 Supply Chain client to manage the packing of outbound shipments.  Today we’ll review the new functionality released to allow packing using the Warehouse Management Mobile App.

First and foremost, if we already have a pack station built into Dynamics 365 Supply Chain why would we need the app? In a word Freedom. 

In some warehouses having a packing station tethered to a PC work station causes loss of productivity.  Using a mobile app gives warehouse workers the ability to work on bigger packing stations as well as the freedom to move around while they perform their packing activities.

With this new feature, the packing station can be carried in your pocket.

Packing Station in D365

In part 1 of this blog, we learned a standard flow we can use to complete a packing process of an outbound shipment. Good news! Using the mobile app, we are still able to follow the same steps, only now we perform them in the palm of our hand.

In order to be able to pack a container using the WMS mobile app, we need to set up the following menu items.

  • Pack inventory into containers: This menu item is used to pack items into containers.
  • Container Creation: Used to create the containers that the shipments will be packed into.
  • Container Closing: Used to close the containers once the shipment has been packed.
  • Container Deletion: Delete an already existing container.
  • Print Container Label: Used to print container labels.

Luckily, these menu items are easy to set up.  Find them under the Indirect Work mode.  They can all be set up similarly.  Set up the  menu items on the path, Warehouse management > Set up > Mobile device >Mobile device menu items.

  • Give the menu items a name and a title, select indirect in the mode, and finally select the appropriate activity code on the drop-down menu.
  • See Image for illustrated set up.
Packing Station in D365 - Menu

Lastly, since all of these menu items belong to the packing process, a new menu option can be created called Packing to collect all the menus. 

  • Go to Warehouse management > Set up > Mobile device >Mobile device menu.
  • Create a new menu and add all the menu items to our packing menu.
  • See Image for illustrated set up.
Packing Station in D365 - Mobile Menu

If we log in the WMS App and navigate to the Packing Menu, we may now start the packing process. Select the Create container menu item.

  • Select a container type.
Packing Station in D365 - Scan

Now that we have created a container, we can go ahead and start packing our inventory. Select the pack inventory menu item. We´ll need to enter,

  • Packing location
  • Shipment ID
  • Item ID that is being packed
  • Container ID that was previously created
Packing Station in D365 - Scan

When all items have been packed, navigate to the Close container menu, input the container ID, and now the packed container can be closed.

Packing Station in D365 - Weight

Although this may seem simpler. It is important to remember that the container packing policies still apply to this process.

The flow of steps one must follow to work with the pack station is very similar regarding whether we use the pack stations built into Supply Chain or if we use the warehouse management mobile app.  We can even use them both for one legal entity.

Lastly, the mobile app has some limitations, as not all processes are supported. Check out this table provided by Microsoft regarding some of the unsupported processes the Mobile app has.


When you´re done reading this blog, don´t forget to check out Microsoft´s documentation on this subject:


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