Top 5 Reasons to Attend Community Summit 2021

We’ll preface the 2021 Top 5 with an acknowledgement that this year, while we are all yearning for a return to normalcy, is still different. Some will not be able to attend the live event in Houston, while others will. If you have questions or concerns about Covid-19 that are making you hesitant, our only advice on that matter is to listen to the medical community’s guidance and make whatever decision is best for you. Now if you have Dynamics 365 related questions… good luck getting us to shut up!

Without further ado… our top 5 reasons (in no particular order) to attend Summit 2021 if you can:

1. Education

100+ experts, 600+ sessions? Count us IN. Looking for deep dives? Got ‘em. How ‘bout some fast chats? No problem. Case studies, panels, live demos… You’re in the right place.

While we’re on the topic of learning amazing D365 stuff, don’t miss these sessions from our experts:

2. Social Time vs Social Media Time

There’s always the joke about “Instagram vs. Reality” showing things looking perfect on the ‘gram and perfectly sloppy in reality. It’s great and it’s relatable, but we’re all getting pretty tired of scrolling. Seeing folks in person, even if there’s a little extra distance and masks on faces, is something we are looking forward to. So in addition to all the great networking you’re doing in sessions and on the expo floor, join us for our Summit party Wednesday night at Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar!

Summit 2021 Party

Stop by our booth (1841), or the booths of our co-hosts (Pacejet in 1701, Vertex in 631, Dynamicweb roaming) to get your invite wristband!

3. Networking Hard or Hardly Networking?

Even with some masking and social distancing, it will be great to get out of Teams (as great a product as it has become) and have conversations with people in person. Again, there will be some masks and less hand shaking, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find great conversation. Your fellow Users, Partners, Microsoft, ISVs… If you’ve never been to Summit and you figured you would just sit quietly and attend sessions, you will be missing out!

For anyone interested in Dynamics 365 Commerce:

Brion Reusche, Microsoft Worldwide Solution Strategy Director – Dynamics 365 Commerce, will be in our booth (#1841) on Wednesday October 13th from 2:30pm – 4:00pm to answer all of your burning questions!

D365 commerce hour

4. Support Yo’ Self

Side note: For all you Parks & Recreation fans out there, Treat Yo’ Self Day happens to fall on Wednesday, October 13th while we are all in Houston for Summit. Do with that information what you will.

Yes, we could have talked support in both the education and networking points, but that is precisely why we think it merits its own section. That same abundance of Partners, ISVs, Microsoft, and fellow Users in Houston are not only genuinely awesome people worth getting to know, but are very eager to assist you with your Dynamics 365 needs. Some questions may be resolved with a quick conversation, while others will take some investigation after the conference. Whatever your needs are, you are absolutely in the right place to find help and make connections that will benefit your company for years.

Throw in the popular Tech Medic Stations a healthy number of times and places throughout the convention center, and you’ve got some serious Dynamics troubleshooting firepower at your disposal.

tech medic station summit

5. A Non-Virtual Expo Floor

Virtual conferences/events over the past year and a half have done a phenomenal job of filling the educational void when live events came to a crashing halt. That said, no one wants to attend a virtual expo. With the return of a live and in-person expo floor, you can expect much of the same goodness that you’ve come to know and love at this year’s Summit.

dynamics 365 summit 2019

Of course, we all know Booth 1841 is an absolute can’t miss this year. The Ellipse Solutions booth will put you in the “hot seat” for a chance to win our infamous mug, money swag, and of course some actual cash while playing Microsoft Millionaire. As mentioned above, don’t forget to ask us for an invite to this year’s Summit party at Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar as you will need a wristband to get in!

BONUS: Get technical at D365 Tech Connect this November!

Are you technical user of Dynamics 365? Do you miss the Dynamics Tech Conference Microsoft used to host? After a few years of our Software Architects meeting for an internal tech summit, we are now opening the event to the public. Join us in Dayton, OH on November 17-18 for 2 days of sessions, networking, and a fun bike building charity event for the local Boys & Girls Club to cap it off. For more information:

D365 Tech Connect

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