Top 12 Reasons To Use Dynamics 365 for Talent

Microsoft has released a new D365 application to manage your “Talent”, otherwise known as Human Capital Management. The Talent app came from the AX/Operations HR module. It appears now that Talent is a new product – new features will first be developed in this App and then will be ported back to the Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations Enterprise Edition (D365FOE) App.

Microsoft did not make any promises that all the Talent features would also be ported back to the D365FOE App. At the moment, Talent is not planned to generate payroll, yet the MS roadmap shows that it is being designed to integrate with 3rd party payroll systems including D365FOE, via the Common Data Model.  Here is a visual overview of the product.

Dynamics 365 for Talent structure

And now let’s dive into the top reasons to utilize Dynamics 365 for Talent, right here right now…

Dynamics 365 for Talent home screen

  1. Architecture

    • It is a stand-alone application.  It does not require any of the other D365 apps, but will integrate with other D365 apps via the Common Data Model.
  2. Employee self service

    • Offers options to view your own information and as a manager, your team’s information.  The drill down functionality makes it easy to view details about you team members and the teams they manage.
    • Dynamics 365 for Talent weclome
  3. Personnel management

    • Manage open positions, transition of workers from one position to another, etc.
  4. Task Management

    • A single place to look at tasks with built in views to best manage these tasks.
  5. Leave and absence

    • This area has been completely redesigned from the AX2009/2012 solution.
  6. Benefits and Compensation management

    • This central location of sensitive information have been expanded to support integration with Payroll systems so all the necessary information is available.
  7. Employee development

    • A feature of Talent is the ability to take a current worker and see what skills he/she may need to develop to move into a new position.  This can be very useful during the review period.  (Employee Development > Links > Skill gap analysis (person))This also allows Managers and HR staff to recruit from within by search their own staff using skill map profiles, and can see who has skills of the person currently holding the position.  After the comparison is run, the results show in order of the best person to backfill.  (Create profile, execute, results)
    • Dynamics 365 for Talent employee development skill mapping
  8. Learning

    • Manage courses, approval, workflow, status, instructors, rooms and more.  Learning also offers Questionnaires to get valuable feedback on the material, instructor, room, etc.
  9. Compliance

    • Manage I-9, injury and illness.
  10. Business processes

    • The Business process module allows you to define tasks that are needed to complete for a Business process template.  When it is time to kick off this process, you schedule the Business process template to start, and it then creates and assigns the tasks included in the template.  This allows you to manage all the tasks associated with periodic business processes e.g. Audits, Hire, Fire, Annual reviews, etc.
  11. Attract

    • This allows you to connect Talent into LinkedIn to post open jobs. HR recruiters and Hiring managers have the ability to create open jobs here. Internal and External applicants can apply, and all the steps are managed in the system from screening, to interview scheduling, and even providing an offer.  When scheduling the interview team, it checks Office 365 availability to aid in scheduling interview slots.
    • Application Dynamics 365 for Talent
  12. Onboard

    • This allows you to send activities with due dates to the new hire/transfer.  You can save standard onboarding messages, activities, and attachments and save it as a template.  The status of these activities is then monitored and managed.  You can also provide contact information of their team and mentor.

Microsoft has created a fantastic demo environment. The Get Started page offers:

  • Lots of practical use cases to try out
  • Training and demo videos
  • Why this could be the write fit for your organization
  • and more

The official Microsoft Road map can be found here to view what is new, what is planned to be completed, and what has already been release.

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