Sir Bill of Lading – The Crown Prince of Shipping Documents

freight fast tab dynamics 365 BOL

There are many shipping documents one might encounter daily, such as the ASN, Packing list, Commercial invoices, and of course, our friend the Bill of Lading. By the way, what is with the pronunciation of LADING? Based on empirical research, LADING should rhyme with a word like GLAD, but nooooo! Instead, this foolish word rhymes…

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Dynamics 365 Wave Label Printing – Learn To Ride The Label Wave

wave label templates dynamics 365

Hello Dynamics Warehouse community! Today we will discover a useful feature recently enhanced by Microsoft in Dynamics 365 warehouse management – the ability to create and print wave labels. On top of the main wave label functionality that is a part of the wave processing, there are also several new features added in the April…

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