Cross Docking in Dynamics 365

cross docking explanation dynamics 365

Cross docking is not the action a priest takes at the end of the night to ensure that their cross is safely set in its holder. Nope. Cross docking is another technical warehouse term for “this goes here, that goes there, and so on and so on.” We are going to look at what Cross…

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Dynamics 365 – Basic Warehouse App Configuration

edit menus warehouse management mobile dynamics 365

One of the nice features of Dynamics 365 is the out of the box warehouse app. It is currently available for Windows and Android devices and provides a robust way to interface with Dynamics 365 warehouse management. It has functionality built-in to allow access to core inbound, outbound, and day to day warehouse functionality like:…

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Dynamics 365 – Zone Threshold Replenishment

directive code for zones dynamics 365

It is time to get in the zone, the replenishment zone. One could say this blog is the “Highway to the Replen Zone!” You just got Top Punned! It is the new Rick Roll and it is sweeping the nation, just like the no-frills Zone Replenishment strategy should be in your warehouse. What is Zone-based…

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Warehouse Vocabulary 101 – The Pallets of Penzance!

My apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan for the operatic parody, but…This is the very model of a modern major warehouse blog, it’s information basic and it even has an epilogue! Welcome warehouse newbies and I promise this won’t be a slog. If slotting goods makes no sense, then settle back we’ll fill your nog! This…

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Dynamics 365 Wave Label Printing – Learn To Ride The Label Wave

wave label templates dynamics 365

Hello Dynamics Warehouse community! Today we will discover a useful feature recently enhanced by Microsoft in Dynamics 365 warehouse management – the ability to create and print wave labels. On top of the main wave label functionality that is a part of the wave processing, there are also several new features added in the April…

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Dynamics 365 Warehouse Performance – Give Me the POWER!

Warehouse performance power BI dashboard

There is nothing more powerful in a warehouse than having useable data at your fingertips.  (Useable being the operative word). Dynamics 365 Supply Chain can deliver that power all together at the click of a button in one screen. Warehouse Performance The Warehouse Performance Power BI content allows warehouse and operations management all the information…

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Dynamics 365 Advanced Warehouse Management – What device should we use?

testing devices advanced warehouse management

It’s a question we hear just about every time we talk to Dynamics customers interested in using Advanced Warehouse Management, “What specific handheld device should we use?”  While the answer may vary some between companies with different preferences and needs, Microsoft does have specific devices they are testing. While not a comprehensive list of what…

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Dynamics 365 – Consignment is a BFF!

Tracking Dimension Groups

In comparison to prior versions of Dynamics AX, consignment inventory management has been improved upon in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. The use of a Tracking dimension, Replenishment orders and  Ownership change journals streamline the processing of transactions and make it possible to clearly see what inventory is owned by whom. Let’s delve into…

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Calming The Chaos – How To Get Everyone Moving To The Same Beat With Location Directives In Dynamics 365


To an outsider, a warehouse may look like chaos but the insiders know that a well-run warehouse is actually a carefully choreographed dance.  It can be a challenge to acclimate new staff members into the dance so they don’t throw off the rhythm.  Enter Location Directives. Location Directives (Warehouse Management>Setup>Location Directives) give specific instructions at…

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Work Templates In Dynamics 365 – The Music of the Warehouse

work templates warehouse management d365

Close your eyes and listen – no, wait, don’t close your eyes… that’s not really safe, just listen to the warehouse, what song do you hear?  The work being done in a warehouse has a song behind it.  Creating the beat for the song is what Work Templates do in Dynamics 365. Work Templates direct…

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