Dynamics 365 Sales – Managing Customer Quotes

multi-entity business flow

Most sales truly begin when a customer asks the sales rep to send them a quote. In Dynamics 365 Sales (D365) a quote is a customer request for products or services at specific prices, quantities, payment terms, etc.  As one can imagine quotes are a major component in D365 Sales. It is a basis of…

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Dynamics in 365 Seconds (or less!) – Expired Sales Quotations

Dynamics in 365 Seconds or less Expired Sales Quotations

In our second installment of Dynamics in 365 Seconds (or less), Kelly walks through the quick and easy process of dealing with Expired Sales Quotation in the Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing module. As she explains in the video, it’s easy to set things up in the system so that expired quotations are cancelled on…

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Dynamics 365 Sales Part 4: Managing Sales Quotes (Video Demo)

managing sales quotes dynamics 365 sales

Most sales begin with an opportunity, which then inevitably becomes a Sales Quote. In this webinar we review all things Sales Quotes. In the last webinar of the Dynamics 365 Sales series, we discussed how Sales Quotes are managed in the system. The following processes were demonstrated: Create Quote Create Quote from Opportunity Quote Products…

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