Dynamics 365 – Send a Customer Case with Azure SMS

PowerAutomate SMS Customer Case

One of the most common customer service practices is to notify the customer when they have submitted a new incident with the incident number and a message about the expected resolution time.  Historically this was done with an email sent to the customer’s email address for their tracking purposes, but that was so 2010!  It’s…

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Dynamics 365 Connected Customer Service Example

iot alerts d365 customer service hub

In a world of “Internet of Things” (IoT), wouldn’t it be nice to be able to proactively service your customer’s needs almost without them knowing about it?  As our world is more connected than ever now, IoT provides service organizations abilities to monitor and identify equipment issues before they become even larger and more unmanageable. …

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Business Events in Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain – How To

business events dynamics 365

It is time to shine some light on a lesser known tool in D365, the Business Event. The Business event has been around since early 2019 but somehow has managed to fly under the radar. It can be a very valuable tool in connecting D365 with a variety of external systems and resources. We are…

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Let’s Talk Power Rollup (Automate)

opportunity sales process dynamics 365

Sounds like a snack food (fruit roll-ups 365), although, I don’t think you would want to try to eat this.  All joking aside, we recently had a client ask us for a feature enhancement to their Dynamics 365 Sales opportunities and quotes to allow freight charges additionally at the opportunity and quote product line level. …

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Hackathon 2020 – Low code, no code, hack mode!

Asset Tracker PowerApp

Ready to go Mere minutes before the start of my first hack-a-thon, I sat in the deepest recesses of my basement; the main lights shut down in favor of a temporary single bulb, dangling above my desk, gently swaying back and worth. I thought to myself, “This seems like a proper hack environment!” I have…

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Microsoft Power Automate: Over 300 Connectors and Counting

Connectors for Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate, formerly known as Microsoft Flow, has continued to make strides in its pursuit of enabling greater productivity through automation of “repetitive, time-consuming tasks”. With the addition of 18 new connectors in the past 2 months, the product now boasts over 300 connectors in total. What does that mean? Well, the sky is…

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