The Beautiful Simplicity of PowerApps

When Microsoft originally introduced PowerApps, there was a lot of uncertainty over exactly what could be accomplished with such a platform. Fast forward to today, and things are definitely coming into focus. Recently, Forrester named Microsoft PowerApps a leader in low-code development platforms. PowerApps allows users to create and build “feature-rich” apps that connect to…

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Managing Per Diem Expenses for a Mobile Workforce

Per Diem Expenses Field Operations Dynamics 365

Most companies with employees involved in field service understand the nature of per diem payments. Some are contractual, and some are a matter of company policy.  Does your system manage the rules around your per diem payments? Or does someone in a lonely cubicle have a spreadsheet that determines per diem payments? As field service…

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Mobile Device Updates in the Field

Mobile Device Updates Field Operations Dynamics 365

Handling inventory in the field is one of the most important tasks for any field operations based company, so why do so many wait until the end of the day (or the end of the week) to update inventory status from the field?  They do it because they seem to be stuck on the old…

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4 Tech Trends Field Operations Firms Should Embrace

Technology Trends in Field Operations

The relaxing of many regulations that directly affect Field Operations Industries combined with the passage of an Infrastructure Spending Bill, signals that we are poised to see massive growth in this sector. In the past, many firms with robust Field Operations have resisted new technologies for several very good reasons: Unpredictable costs Too much demand…

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Transacting in the Field – RMAs on Hand Held Devices

Transacting in the Field RMAs on Mobile Dynamics AX

Successful Field Operations’ workers in the field, or in remote locations, require the same level of transactional access as those in the main office.  They may use different devices, but they need the same level of sophistication and real time communication to keep the business running efficiently. When digital transformation is complete, each of the…

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