Why Dynamics 365 is A Perfect Match for Product-Centric Enterprises

Gartner Magic Quadrant Cloud ERP Product-Centric Enterprise 202

When it comes to product-centric enterprises, there are plenty of options for a business to choose from when it comes to ERP solutions. While there is a healthy number of unique scenarios in which niche providers are the best fit for a given company, naturally there are some major comprehensive leaders in the overall market.…

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Is Dynamics 365 the Best ERP Solution?

best ERP Dynamics 365

The truth: The best ERP solution is the one that is best for your company’s needs. Of course, when Dynamics 365 is applicable, we as a Microsoft Partner are going to do our best to show you how it can help transform your business. BUT, when we are approached by a customer considering Dynamics for…

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How Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Stack Up Against Other ERP Solutions?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 launched in 2016, promising a seamless harmony of Dynamics AX (ERP), Dynamics CRM, and other Microsoft peripherals. Initially there was pushback around the new solution being cloud-based, despite the new technological advances enabled by Azure. In present day, Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain has propelled to the top tier in relation…

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Top 10 Reasons Why Fixed Bid ERP Implementations Fail

fixed bid ERP implementation

In our years of ERP experience, we’ve learned a thing our two about what it takes for a successful implementation. We have also seen what can derail the process, particularly in a fixed bid situations. 1. A shift in focus The focus of the implementation will shift from true deliverables to tracking the project scope…

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Project Recovery or Considerations for Your Next ERP Implementation

Money Pit. Throwing good money after bad. You think the original decision was bad? Think again… The problem with your original ERP decision wasn’t necessarily the initial decision; it was the series of bad decisions that occurred afterwards. For Plastics Manufacturers – with already tight margins, resin price dependence, and growing customer expectations – a…

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How Customized Will Your Next Plastics Manufacturing ERP System Be?

Plastics Manufacturing ERP System

There’s an age-old question that will likely continue for many, many years… In buying your next, incredibly expensive ERP system, how much should we customize the system?  First, some definitions: Configuration – Highly configurable systems offer tools and options that provide numerous permutations to meet the functionality and process of your business. Normally, these configuration options…

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