Business Applications Summit – a “Virtual” Success?

Business Applications Summit Virtual

Yes, like many of you, we were supposed to be at the Microsoft Business Applications Summit in-person last week, but with the state of the world that could not happen. We have to admit that, in our opinion, the biggest benefit to attending a conference like this is not the content, but seeing friends and…

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Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Available Now

Customer Insights view

Microsoft’s focus on continually improving and adding value to its robust collection of business applications is perhaps most clear on the Dynamics 365 platform. In that spirit, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights became generally available last week! For anyone that isn’t familiar with Customer Insights from the Public Preview, it packs a bevy of features centered…

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A Look Back at the Microsoft MVP Summit

Every year, Microsoft holds an event for the individuals who have earned the distinction Microsoft MVP at their Redmond campus. Microsoft MVPs earn the title by being community leaders who love sharing their passion and knowledge for Microsoft products within their award category. There are approximately 4000 Microsoft MVPs worldwide. My name is Kelly Kane,…

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The Beautiful Simplicity of PowerApps

When Microsoft originally introduced PowerApps, there was a lot of uncertainty over exactly what could be accomplished with such a platform. Fast forward to today, and things are definitely coming into focus. Recently, Forrester named Microsoft PowerApps a leader in low-code development platforms. PowerApps allows users to create and build “feature-rich” apps that connect to…

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Dynamics 365 – Disruption for the Construction Industry

Construction Disruption Dynamics 365

Over the past couple of years, Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 offering has established its place among the leading providers of ERP in the cloud. As we already knew, it’s based on the old Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system that construction companies all over the world already use. So, what’s the big deal? The big deal is how the…

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Dynamics 365: Your Forever ERP

An “Evergreen ERP” – this new term from Microsoft is truly a differentiator in Dynamics 365. The goal of this approach is having one version of Dynamics 365 for all customers. In an age where heavy investments in R&D make software updates a frequent requirement, minimizing the effort needed to keep your system up to…

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Dynamics 365: Upgrading vs. Re-Implementation

Dynamics 365 Upgrading vs. Re-implementation

Considering making the move to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations? You’re not alone! Most Dynamics users are currently planning for the migration or are already live on Dynamics 365. So… where do you begin? Upgrading vs. Re-Implementation Step #1 is figuring out if you should Upgrade or Re-Implement. This may seem to be a…

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Major Changes to Platform Updates in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Platform Updates Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Microsoft has just announced some major changes to the way platform updates are delivered in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations! In an effort to streamline the process, Microsoft will begin managing the updates in an automated fashion. This new delivery method will remove the burden of manual updates and ensure that Dynamics 365…

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What’s New in LCS This Valentine’s Day?

LCS February 2018 Update

Roses are red, violets are blue, there’s an LCS update, this is what’s new. Ok, not perfect poetry, but here are a few new capabilities that were introduced for Lifecycle Services this month. Downloadable VHDs (Virtual Hard Disks) available directly through LCS Use the Shared Asset Library or Project Asset Library in LCS vs. the…

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Dynamics 365 – Say “Hello” to Wave Templates

One of the basic functionalities of Warehouse Management in Dynamics 365 for Finanace and Operations Enterprise Edition remains the Wave Template functionality.  Wave Templates are used to manage, automatically or manually, the Shipping Waves, Production Waves or Kanban Waves.  When the Wave is processed, work is created for the operations team(s) to be performed. Wave…

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