Dynamics 365 Resolutions for the New Year

dynamics 365 resolution new year

“May auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind…” 2022 is here! In the past year, the world has learned to adapt and move forward with an ever-present and ever-evolving “new normal”. As another January is in full swing, we all turn our attention once again toward what lies ahead personally and in our…

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D365 Supply Chain Insights – Mitigate Risk & Minimize Disruption

The coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted the supply chain on a global scale – many factories were shut down leaving shipping companies waiting around patiently for products all while the demand for household goods increased as people were stuck at home. To add fuel to the fire, In March, 2021 the Suez Canal was blocked by a container…

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Business Events in Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain – How To

business events dynamics 365

It is time to shine some light on a lesser known tool in D365, the Business Event. The Business event has been around since early 2019 but somehow has managed to fly under the radar. It can be a very valuable tool in connecting D365 with a variety of external systems and resources. We are…

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Dynamics 365 Tax Calculation

dynamics 365 tax calculation

“Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” — Benjamin Franklin Taxes aren’t an exciting topic for most people, but an important topic for businesses to stay on top of nonetheless (unless you enjoy IRS visits).…

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Cross Docking in Dynamics 365

cross docking explanation dynamics 365

Cross docking is not the action a priest takes at the end of the night to ensure that their cross is safely set in its holder. Nope. Cross docking is another technical warehouse term for “this goes here, that goes there, and so on and so on.” We are going to look at what Cross…

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Dynamics 365 – Basic Warehouse App Configuration

edit menus warehouse management mobile dynamics 365

One of the nice features of Dynamics 365 is the out of the box warehouse app. It is currently available for Windows and Android devices and provides a robust way to interface with Dynamics 365 warehouse management. It has functionality built-in to allow access to core inbound, outbound, and day to day warehouse functionality like:…

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Dynamics 365: What’s to Love? Part 1 – Manufacturing

D365 Supply Chain Manufacturing

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we believe that love is in the air and manufacturers should be falling in love with Dynamics 365 if they haven’t already! You’re just not my type!  Ever heard that line before?  Well, never again do you have to hear that painful rejection.  If you didn’t already know, Dynamics 365 Supply…

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Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365: It’s Time

ECIF funding example

We’re almost one whole month into 2021 and your business is on Dynamics AX 2012, maybe even AX 2009. While your ERP has served you well (we hope), there’s no denying it’s time to start looking at Dynamics 365 if you aren’t already. The only AX Users that still have mainstream support available are on…

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