Dynamics 365 Sales Part 2: A Walk-through of Playbooks

playbooks d365 sales

Do you find yourself regularly going through the same sales activities? Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Playbooks allow you to organize, customize, and automate repeatable sales tasks. In Part 2 of our recent D365 Sales webinar series, we demonstrated how taking advantage of Playbooks can make your sales related processes and procedures more effective. In today’s…

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Dynamics 365 Sales – Playing With Playbooks (Part 1)

navigating to playbook in dynamics 365 sales

Rolled out in October 2018, Playbooks in Dynamics 365 Sales provide the ability to create a defined series of repeatable sales activities i.e. Task, Phone Call, Email, etc. For example, when a new lead is created a playbook can be launched to ensure that there is a Lead Qualification Phone Call activity setup. Another illustration…

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