“Board” with Dynamics 365 Sales views? Kanban to the rescue!

kanban board dynamics 365

One of the newer and more interesting control features being offered in Dynamics 365 Sales is something that will be familiar to Agile followers.  A Kanban board is a useful approach to see how work flows through your processes and helps visualize where a particular work item is in the process. A Kanban board can…

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Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement – Phone Call Tagging…You’re It!

dynamics 365 new phone call

One of the many issues facing businesses is not only how to track different types of activities with their contacts and accounts, but “what” was the context of this activity.  One of the most common activities in Dynamics 365 is the phone call.  While the phone call activity does provide a subject field, this field…

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Organizing Org Charts in Dynamics 365 Sales

live org chart d365 sales

Staying on top of your accounts and managing them well in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) is paramount to being a successful Sales organization.  “Knowing” your customer is a big part of being able to drive customer satisfaction and potentially generating new sales opportunities with your existing accounts and contacts.  A very useful feature in…

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Dynamics 365 Sales – Managing Customer Quotes

multi-entity business flow

Most sales truly begin when a customer asks the sales rep to send them a quote. In Dynamics 365 Sales (D365) a quote is a customer request for products or services at specific prices, quantities, payment terms, etc.  As one can imagine quotes are a major component in D365 Sales. It is a basis of…

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Let’s Talk Power Rollup (Automate)

opportunity sales process dynamics 365

Sounds like a snack food (fruit roll-ups 365), although, I don’t think you would want to try to eat this.  All joking aside, we recently had a client ask us for a feature enhancement to their Dynamics 365 Sales opportunities and quotes to allow freight charges additionally at the opportunity and quote product line level. …

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Intro to Dynamics 365 Sales

sales activity dashboard dynamics 365

The title says it all. This blog post is a high level overview of the Dynamics 365 Sales product. We will run through the most frequently utilized concepts that users interact with on a regular basis. Let’s get the journey started … Dashboard There are three main options the data can be visualized in the…

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Dynamics 365 Sales 101

dynamics 365 sales 101

With the evolution of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365, multiple products have emerged that make up the new CRM solution. One of the main components of this is Dynamics 365 for Sales. We recently hosted a four-part webinar series with the D365 Customer Engagement User Group that dives into the capabilities of the Sales…

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Dynamics 365 Sales Insights – Will it Work?

predictive forecasting dynamics 365 sales insights

If you are one of those organizations who has a healthy CRM solution where all your sales people are fully-engaged with it, adding clean records, and gaining real value from it; then this blog post is NOT for you.  For the rest of you, those who’s Dynamics 365/CRM solution may be struggling for various reasons,…

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Dynamics 365 Sales Part 4: Managing Sales Quotes (Video Demo)

managing sales quotes dynamics 365 sales

Most sales begin with an opportunity, which then inevitably becomes a Sales Quote. In this webinar we review all things Sales Quotes. In the last webinar of the Dynamics 365 Sales series, we discussed how Sales Quotes are managed in the system. The following processes were demonstrated: Create Quote Create Quote from Opportunity Quote Products…

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Dynamics 365 Sales Part 3: A Video Demonstration of Organizational Charts

In Dynamics 365 Sales, customers can use Organizational Charts to build a hierarchy from existing accounts and contacts – allowing for customization of said contact information. The live organizational chart lets salespeople maintain external graphics for their accounts, which allocates for a widespread access of sources. The org chart also provides easy admission to an…

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