A Stroll Through Dynamics 365 Process Manufacturing: Formula Designer – Part 2

d365 formula designer details

In part 1 of this blog series, we discussed a business case that involved a manufacturing company that produced plastic products for the automotive industry.  The company hired a new product designer Ryan who is getting comfortable using Dynamics 365 and polishing his Formula designer skills.  Thus far, Ryan has learned how to open the…

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Subcontracting in Dynamics 365 Finance – BOMs

service item BOMs dynamics 365

Subcontracting is a practice that is often used in manufacturing for cost purposes, load balancing of resources, or due to outside resources having special equipment or expertise. Regardless of the reason, there is a business impact as it relates to scheduling, inventory, costing, and the production process. So, how is this effort managed in Dynamics…

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Electronic Signatures in Dynamics 365 for Finance

There are third party products on the market offering some form of an electronic signature add-on for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance environment, but did you know that this is already built in to the system out of the box? With just a little bit of set up, you can be using electronic signatures…

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What is a Replenishment Requisition? -Dynamics 365 for Finance

Purchase requisitions can be created for the purposes of Consumption or Replenishment, if the Purchasing policy, Requisition Purpose Rule, is set to allow a choice.  If the option is given, the requisitioner can choose one or the other, which will dictate how the request can be fulfilled.  A Consumption purpose is used to indicate a…

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Codes, Codes, Codes… Commodity Codes in Dynamics 365!

assign commodity codes D365 D365Dynamics 365

There are so many codes to be concerned with! Some codes are pre-determined and  are a part of a system used for freight, tariffs, taxes, import/export, etc. Today, the focus is on Commodity Codes, specifically. A quick Bing search (ok, ok – Google) of ‘commodity codes’ reveals multiple data sources.  Two sources are primary.  First…

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Is Dynamics 365 the Best ERP Solution?

best ERP Dynamics 365

The truth: The best ERP solution is the one that is best for your company’s needs. Of course, when Dynamics 365 is applicable, we as a Microsoft Partner are going to do our best to show you how it can help transform your business. BUT, when we are approached by a customer considering Dynamics for…

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Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365: Upgrade Preparation

It’s July. There’s a good chance it’s hot, depending where you’re located while reading this. You know what else is hot right now? Making the move from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365. To be sure, it is an important step in your ERP journey and your organization certainly wants to do it the right way.…

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Dynamics 365: The Load Workbenches Part 1 – Load Planning

load planning workbench dynamics 365

It is time for us to recognize the Load planning workbench and his other brother the Load building workbench; a couple of tools in Dynamics 365 that are useful in creating and managing shipments. These two dudes are hanging out, among other places, in the Transportation management module just waiting to be happy little helpers.…

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Dynamics 365 – BOM and Formula Approval and Activation

new bom version dynamics 365

Somebody must do it. Somebody must be bold and approve and activate the BOM, or the Formula for that matter. That is why we are here, to get to the bottom of this question. Let’s dive into BOM and Formula approval and activation in Dynamics 365. But first, a quick refresher. What is a BOM?…

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