Dynamics 365 Customer Service Knowledge Base

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Knowledge is Power! How do you manage your knowledge in your customer service organization and get this in the hands of your customers?  This is a problem that has presented itself to many service providers for many years.  What about those “special” cases that took you so much time to solve a problem or a…

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Dynamics 365 – Send a Customer Case with Azure SMS

PowerAutomate SMS Customer Case

One of the most common customer service practices is to notify the customer when they have submitted a new incident with the incident number and a message about the expected resolution time.  Historically this was done with an email sent to the customer’s email address for their tracking purposes, but that was so 2010!  It’s…

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Dynamics 365 Connected Customer Service Example

iot alerts d365 customer service hub

In a world of “Internet of Things” (IoT), wouldn’t it be nice to be able to proactively service your customer’s needs almost without them knowing about it?  As our world is more connected than ever now, IoT provides service organizations abilities to monitor and identify equipment issues before they become even larger and more unmanageable. …

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Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement: A Security “Blanket” of Information

When it comes to the topic of “security” in the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement platform, we are ready to “Blanket” our readers with a comfy down quilt of information. We speak and assist on this topic quite often, and shared some of this in a webinar recently. We cover the BASICS of Dynamics 365 Security…

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Dynamics 365 Field (Service) of Dreams

When Customer Service and Field Service meet to “PLAY BALL”! Earlier this year, I watched the MLB game between the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox on the “Field of Dreams” field in Iowa. This got me thinking about the perfect “pitch-catch” scenarios between Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Dynamics 365 Field Service…what…

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Microsoft Named a Leader for CRM Customer Engagement Center

Magic Quadrant CRM Customer Engagement Center

Another feather in the cap, notch in the belt, ace in the sleeve… whatever you want to call it at this point. Microsoft has earned the “Leader” designation in another Gartner Magic Quadrant, this time for CRM Customer Engagement Center. Like other technologies, this continues a bit of a streak for our Redmond friends, marking…

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Dynamics 365 Customer Service & Field Service: 2021 Release Wave 1

Federated Knowledge Search dynamics 365 customer service

Earlier this week, we discussed new features coming to Dynamics 365 Commerce from 2021 Release Wave 1. In today’s blog post, we’re going to hit on some of the new features and functionality Users can expect to see in Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Dynamics 365 Field Service. So without further ado, let’s get down…

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State of Dynamics 365: Customer Service – January 2021

It’s still a relatively new year, so we’re taking this opportunity to catch everyone up on what’s new and what’s changed with some of your favorite Dynamics 365 solutions. First up, let’s talk about the most recent and upcoming functionality for Dynamics 365 Customer Service. A handful of features still in Public Preview from the…

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Dynamics 365 Customer Service Part 2: Virtual Agent

Dynamics 365 customer service virtual agent

As Part 1 of our Dynamics 365 Customer Service webinar/blog series illustrated, Microsoft’s cloud-based solution enables companies to deliver and maintain a top-notch relationship with customers. In Part 2 of the series, we explore the additional capabilities made possible by D365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service. With Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service users…

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Dynamics 365 Customer Service Part 1: Introduction & Video Demo

dynamics 365 customer service overview

Have you ever found yourself needing to contact a company’s customer service department for a problem with a product or service? If so, you are likely aware of how polarizing the encounter can be… Delivering high-quality customer service is critical to the success of any organization. A pleasant experience with a knowledgeable representative will delight…

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