Dynamics 365 Commerce 2022 Release Wave 1 – Can We Talk?

chat widget dynamics 365 commerce

One of the most important aspects of the 21st century commerce experience is giving the consumer more ways to communicate with commerce companies right from the website. As part of this strategy, the retailer needs a good chat feature. If you are like me, a typical day at the desk finds you with 20 tabs…

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Dynamics 365 Commerce: 2022 Release Wave 1

dynamics 365 commerce 2022 release wave 1

The Microsoft ecosystem continues to impress with its commitment to deliver a first-class commerce experience. With the impact of Covid on buying trends, commerce is accelerating its digital transformation. Recently, an industry expert was quoted as saying, “E-commerce sales have increased from a 1% growth year over year to 1% growth per month.” Microsoft is…

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Dynamics 365 Commerce: 2021 Release Wave 1

dynamics 365 commerce b2b

It’s springtime in the Microsoft Business Applications world, so you know what that means… COOL NEW STUFF IN DYNAMICS 365!!! Perhaps no biz app was more “on the spot” over the last calendar year than D365 Commerce. As customer journeys and buying habits shifted even further into the digital realm for both B2C and B2B,…

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Dynamics 365: What’s to Love? Part 3 – Commerce

Earlier this month we kicked off a blog series about what’s to love in Dynamics 365. So far we have covered Manufacturing and Public Sector. Today, we have the same phrases/sayings from before with the focus on Commerce/Retail! We are attached at the hip! Customers can engage like never before across all channels. Whether you…

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Dynamics 365 – Retail Product Kits

close configure form

It is fun to get a gift. It is more fun when that gift is a multi-dimensional package, with many gifts, like a piñata. Product kits, by nature, are in fact multi-dimensional, the good news is that you do not have to beat Dynamics 365 with a stick to get the gifts inside though. Product…

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Dynamics 365 Commerce: B2B e-Commerce Arrives (In Preview Form)

Dynamics 365 Commerce B2B preview

The world of retail is one of constant technological innovation. The leaders of the industry are perpetually pushing the leading edge to provide a better buying experience to their customers. Now add to that equation a global pandemic. All of the sudden it isn’t just the “go-getters” embracing new ways of doing business, it’s everyone.…

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Dynamics 365 Commerce Shines in Forrester Case Study

dynamics 365 commerce overview

Much like other D365 solutions, Dynamics 365 Commerce has proven to be more than a simple re-packaging of Dynamics 365 for Retail. A recent case study was done by Forrester to review the Total Economic Impact (TEI) of Dynamics 365 Commerce. Liz Witherspoon, Principal Consultant with Forrester joined Francois van Splunder, Senior Product Marketing Manager…

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Keep Calm and Coupon in Dynamics 365

bar code mask segment d365

It is time to redeem ourselves in the eyes of our peers by learning how to setup and manage coupons in Dynamics 365 Commerce.  What are Coupons? Really? Ok then, for those visiting from Mars, “Coupons” are a means in which a retailer can attract business by offering a discount on a product. In the…

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Who doesn’t like Discounts in the Dynamics 365 Retail Channel?

add products discounts dynamics 365

Bosses, that’s who! Despite the possible rebuke from CFO’s around the globe, we are risking wage garnishment to publish this article to help the user understand each of the many discount options available in Dynamics 365. There are Four types of retail discounts available for use: Discount (Simple), Mix and Match, Quantity, and Threshold. Before…

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Dynamics 365 Commerce Is Here: What’s Next?

Dynamics 365 Commerce client

Microsoft’s official transition from Dynamics 365 for Retail to Dynamics 365 Commerce is here. So what does that mean exactly? When you think of industries that have seen incredible change and evolution in the last decade, Retail should spring to mind rather quickly. While online shopping has changed the game on a global scale, the…

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