The Gift of Gift Cards in Dynamics 365

dynamics 365 commerce parameters gift card number

The modern gift card, a wad of cash conveniently disguised in a rectangular piece of plastic. They are welcomed by birthday present recipients world-wide in place of an ill-fitting sweater. Of course, they do quite often end up living out their days in a kitchen junk drawer or stuffed in a wallet or purse, never…

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Dynamics 365 Epic Battle: Single line vs Multi line Discounts

dynamics 365 line discount overview

In this corner, a one-dimensional wonder, the king of Q-T-Y, Line Discount (ount ount ount) and in this corner, the Prince of Big Money, the Passel of Price concessions, Multi Line Discount (ount ount ount).  These two worthy opponents go head to head, in a no holds barred cage match, to determine their difference! We…

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Keep Calm and Coupon in Dynamics 365

bar code mask segment d365

It is time to redeem ourselves in the eyes of our peers by learning how to setup and manage coupons in Dynamics 365 Commerce.  What are Coupons? Really? Ok then, for those visiting from Mars, “Coupons” are a means in which a retailer can attract business by offering a discount on a product. In the…

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Who doesn’t like Discounts in the Dynamics 365 Retail Channel?

add products discounts dynamics 365

Bosses, that’s who! Despite the possible rebuke from CFO’s around the globe, we are risking wage garnishment to publish this article to help the user understand each of the many discount options available in Dynamics 365. There are Four types of retail discounts available for use: Discount (Simple), Mix and Match, Quantity, and Threshold. Before…

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