Reminder: Power BI is insanely good – Gartner names Microsoft Leader again

bi and analytics gartner magic quadrant

For the 14th straight year, Microsoft has been named a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. Honestly, we’re running out of ways to describe this great achievement. Not only is Microsoft consistently in the Leader quadrant year after year, they are continually widening the gap between themselves and their next…

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Microsoft Named BI & Analytics Leader by Gartner, 12th Straight Year

The last time Microsoft wasn’t a leader in Analytics and Business Intelligence on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, the Cleveland Browns had their most recent winning record. All the way back in 2007. While the Browns show serious promise next year (full disclosure: this writer is a Believeland fan) and many think they might even make the…

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Microsoft Named Leader in Analytics and BI platforms, 11 Years Running

Microsoft Power BI Leader 2018 Analytics BI platforms Magic Quadrant

If you’re looking for evidence of Microsoft’s commitment to excellence, Analytics and BI are a shining example. For the 11th consecutive year, they have been named a leader in the space by Gartner. Further, it is the third consecutive year they have been rated with the most complete vision on the Magic Quadrant. Continuous improvement…

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Building Intelligence Into Your Plastics Manufacturing ERP System

Building Intelligence in Your Plastics Manufacturing ERP System

Intelligent ERP. This phrase is gaining momentum and it’s being spurred by Digital Transformation. Plastic Manufacturers are always looking for performance improvements to allow selling and producing more with fewer resources at a lower cost. While Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and other advanced analytics offer exciting opportunities in areas where predicted outcomes can make a…

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Analytical Workspaces Now Directly Embedded in Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations

Analytical Workspaces and Power BI in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

  The continued push for better business intelligence and analytical tools certainly has Microsoft’s attention. Earlier this year, Gartner’s Business Intelligence and Analytics Magic Quadrant named Microsoft a “Leader” in this field (for the 10th consecutive year, I might add). But, perhaps more importantly, the Magic Quadrant also reflected a gigantic leap ahead of the…

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Why Are Plastic Manufacturers Embracing Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation in Plastics Manufacturing

As I sit through a digital transformation and technology oriented conference, there are some recurring themes that are relevant for plastic manufacturing. “Focus on the outcome”… ”Start with the end in mind”… While a tad cliché-ish, they remain true. By the way, each presentation is being automatically converted via voice to text, so every single…

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Plastics Manufacturing: Business Intelligence Is The New Currency, Not Big Data

Business Intelligence in Plastics Manufacturing

Okay, this is not just for Plastic Manufacturing, but given the competitiveness and growth of plastics, I’d suggest that this statement is absolutely true. Consider some of these typical comments: “Geez, if we’d only known earlier…” “Who could have predicted that?” “Why aren’t we doing that?” “It seems so obvious now…” “We could be rich…

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Growing Business Intelligence in the Field

Growing Business Intelligence for Field Operations

Keeping track of what’s going on in the field, and at remote locations, is vitally important to companies with Field Operations.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations provides that with a cloud based solution that lives up to Microsoft’s promise of “any device, anywhere, anytime”, at a price point that makes sense for today’s connected enterprise.…

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4 Tech Trends Field Operations Firms Should Embrace

Technology Trends in Field Operations

The relaxing of many regulations that directly affect Field Operations Industries combined with the passage of an Infrastructure Spending Bill, signals that we are poised to see massive growth in this sector. In the past, many firms with robust Field Operations have resisted new technologies for several very good reasons: Unpredictable costs Too much demand…

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