Microsoft a Leader in Notebook-based Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning Market

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Leader Microsoft

In somewhat predictable fashion, Microsoft is once again at the forefront of another 2020 Forrester report as a market leader. This time it is for Notebook-based Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning, hence the tongue-in-cheek first line of this post. There are probably two questions you are asking yourself right now: “How did I stumble upon…

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Using Predictive Analytics to Forecast Sales in Manufacturing

Dynamics 365 AI

In Manufacturing, many years have been devoted to watching and managing margins and the bottom line. This normally meant looking at ways to cut costs, people, and unnecessary processes or to improve operational efficiency. It’s the reason that KPIs like Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) have been an integral metric used with continuous operational improvement in…

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Why Are Manufacturers Choosing Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

Large manufacturers are always looking for ways to grow their organization, increase productivity, and increase their bottom lines. To some, that may mean purchasing new machines, hiring more workers, or maybe even acquiring similar businesses. However, with the advances in new technology, many manufacturers are turning to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software to gain a…

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A Taste of Sales Forecasting Using Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning Predictions

The concept of Machine Learning is not all that new, though better tools and technology have opened the door to new use cases and applications. It can be daunting, but the best place to start is with an abundance of data. While some data may not seem particularly important, if it is easily accessible it…

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