Top 10 Reasons Why Fixed Bid ERP Implementations Fail

fixed bid ERP implementation

In our years of ERP experience, we’ve learned a thing our two about what it takes for a successful implementation. We have also seen what can derail the process, particularly in a fixed bid situations. 1. A shift in focus The focus of the implementation will shift from true deliverables to tracking the project scope…

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Who needs Dynamics 365 Service Agreement Cost Prices?

Dynamics 365 Cost Price for Specific Service Agreement

Prices! When we talk Service Agreement Prices in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition (aka formerly Dynamics AX), first let’s clarify if we are talking Sales Prices or Cost Prices. In short, Sales Price is what we charge on the customer invoice. Cost Price is used for internal purposes to analyze the spend…

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The Preamble to Return Orders in Dynamics 365 for Operations

creating return order dynamics 365 for operations

How to create a return order  Dynamics 365 for Operations supports the business case when a customer calls with a request to return goods. This blog shows how to do it through the use of a return order functionality in the Sales and marketing module. The original order is retrieved to create a return. We…

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All About FEFO in Dynamics 365

setting up FEFO control in Dynamics 365 for Operations

Many are familiar with the term, FIFO, or first in, first out.  First Expired, First Out, or FEFO, is an inventory management and logistics methodology used when stocked products expire. The intent is to reserve and use the inventory to fulfill requirements using the shelf-life items with the earliest expiration date. FEFO is popular in the…

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Let’s talk Service Objects in Dynamics 365

creating service object group dynamics 365 for operations

Today we will chat about Service Objects in Dynamics 365! You know, those individual pieces of equipment or objects that need repair, maintenance, or any other attention such as a washing machine, an automobile or a Revocable Trust. How best to keep track of the tangible or intangible things the organization services with Microsoft Dynamics…

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The Meat and Potatoes of Dynamics 365 Service Subscriptions

navigating to service subscription groups dynamics 365

Today, we are discussing Service Subscriptions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (formerly known as Dynamics AX). Service Subscriptions are all around us as equipment maintenance, software as a service, television or phone service, fitness club memberships, financial services, and landscaping to name a few. A Service Subscription is used in Dynamics 365 to document…

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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 AIF Integration for AP Invoice Journals

creating inbound and outbound directories

Standard AX allows to create purchase invoice and invoice register (LedgerPurchaseInvoiceService) via Application Integration Framework (AIF). However, if you need to create Non-Purchase invoices (AP > Journals > Invoices > Invoice Journal), then you will need to create your own custom AIF service. In this article we will explain in details how to do that.…

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An Afternoon Stroll with Temp Tables in AX 2009

Table Import Temporary

How to initialize and transfer temp tables in AX 2009 In Dynamics AX 2009 there are two ways to create and initialize a temporary table: 1) Create new table and set Temporary property to Yes: 2) Call the setTmp() method in X++ code for any existing table in AOT: Temporary tables store data the same…

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