Site and Warehouse Defaults for Order Lines in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

When creating a Sales or Purchase order, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 (AX) can auto populate Site and Warehouse information on the order header and lines. Today we will discuss the business logic hierarchy of how the Site and Warehouse fields are filled in on Sales or Purchase orders (and associated order lines).

Site and Warehouse Setup

  • Sites and warehouses can be set up at:

Inventory and warehouse management > Setup > Inventory breakdown > Sites/Warehouses

  • The org structure hierarchy in AX is Company > Site > Warehouse. Warehouses are only associated with one Site and Sites are only associated with one company.

Header Defaults

Site and Warehouse can be defaulted on the header of a Sales order or Purchase order if set up on the corresponding customer or vendor records. Customers and Vendors determine what the default Site and Warehouse are on the header of an order (although can be overwritten for each individual order). To set this up navigate to:

From the Customer screen > Sales order default fast tab > Site/Warehouse

sales order defaults dynamics ax

From the Vendor screen > Purchase order defaults > Site/Warehouse

purchase order defaults dynamics ax

These values are utilized as default entries for the Sales/Purchase order header Site and Warehouse.

sales order dynamics ax

purchase order dynamics ax

The header defaults can also be set to blank when a Sales order or a Purchase order is created.

create sales order dynamics ax

If no Site or Warehouse are selected for the header, the next place that AX will look at to determine the Site and Warehouse dimensions is on the order line Items.

Line Defaults

The primary default values for Site and Warehouse on the order lines are the corresponding values on the order header.  After a Sales order or Purchase order line is created, and if the order does not have a header Site or Warehouse, then AX will look at the setup on the Item to determine the Site and Warehouse for the order line. The default values for an Item’s site can be set up here:

  • Product information management > Common > Released products > Manage Inventory > Default order settings

On this screen, you can set an Item’s default site for Sales orders and Purchase orders.

default order settings dynamics ax

After the default Site is specified, you can set a default Warehouse by going to:

  • Product information management > Common > Released products > Manage Inventory > Site specific order settings

* Note: The first column for Site, must be the same as the Site on the Default order settings screen. If the Site is different, the item will default to the Site on the Default order setting screen and default to a blank Warehouse.

site specific order settings dynamics ax

AX uses these setups on these screens to auto populate the Site and/or Warehouse values on the orders when the item is added to the line.

When an order line is created, these setups are used to populate the Site and Warehouse when an item is added and no header record exists.

sales order lines dynamics ax

purchase order lines dynamics ax

journal lines inventory dynamics ax

Site / Warehouse Defaults based on Employee or User

In many Dynamics AX implementations a requirement exists to default Site and Warehouse values based on the work location of the User creating the Order lines.  This functionality is now a part of Ellipse Solutions AX Gear product soon to be released for AX2012 R3 CU9.  It will allow AX to default Site and Warehouse values on Sales or Purchase order lines according to either Employee or User Account records (both options can be configured).

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