Site Acquisition & Development – How Project Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Does it Right

The sales team did it again – more customers have been added to the queue, and now it’s time to expand your renewable energy offering to get all these new customers onto your grid. The growth is great for business, however, if your data is living in silos that aren’t communicating with each other, how are your employees’ keeping tabs on the projects and updating management of the progress?

Renewable Energy firms know that new sites equal new revenues, but acquisition through development often results in a patchwork of solutions and manual entries. How do you avoid this while simultaneously accelerating and streamlining this process as you continue to scale up? Where are the downfalls and how can you leverage technology to help with efficiencies?

Project Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Renewable Energy

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers robust Project Management tools under one fully integrated cloud solution. In the Renewable Energy industry, this gives the business the ability to manage and streamline processes in site acquisition, building and development, and on-going maintenance.

Let’s take a look at the frequent challenges among each of these stages and take a glimpse into how the Project Management tools available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help.

Site Acquisition

The paperwork in this phase can be overwhelming. Zoning analysis & site selection, lease management, licensing requirements and acquisition, contract structures, important correspondence, and tracking final agreements. Where does all this information live today? Does each piece have its own system that needs updating? How much time is lost to duplicate keystrokes updating this information?

Fortunately, there is a solution that can easily track all of these pieces – Microsoft Dynamics 365. Data entry with customizable fields for your specific needs, checklists and tasks that can be assigned to peers to update what stage you are in, and interactive progress dashboards can be view by you team – in real time.

Site Development

Now that the site acquisition has been completed, the next step is developing the site. How are you tracking material, personnel/resource management, cost controls, budget comparisons and construction phase progression today? Are you managing sub-contractors? 

No problem. In fact, Microsoft Dynamics has a project management module to track each step of the site development, including a built-in portal to track RFIs, RFPs, and sealed bids.

Site Maintenance

Now that your site is finished, how are you maintaining it? Renewable Energy equipment can break down over time due to a variety of reasons, and keeping up with on-going maintenance will help prevent critical failures and unnecessary downtime.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has fully functional maintenance management. From predicting and scheduling regular tasks to ticket based issue resolution as well as time/billing tracking and resource planning (the right person at the right place at the right time).

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is more than just a Project Management tool – it’s a single business solution with a comprehensive suite of software applications built on the Azure Cloud. Find out how Dynamics 365 is changing the way the companies in the Renewable Energy space manage and scale their software and IT solutions!

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