Dynamics 365 for Public Sector

Empower citizens. Empower workforces. Modern government and public sector organizations are operating in an increasingly fast-paced and digitally-enabled world.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Government and Public Sector brings these capabilities to organizations through the power of the Microsoft Cloud. The ability to facilitate two way communications with citizens and stakeholders from any device at any time, leading to accelerated service speeds, without the costly infrastructure investment is required to be part of today’s digital transformation of government services.

Dynamics 365 for Public Sector Application Profile:

Ellipse Solutions specializes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Public Sector, including:

  • Civil Service Organizations
  • Emergency Services
  • Justice & Public Safety
  • Local Government (State, County, City, etc)
  • Lottery Agencies
  • Public School Systems
  • Public Transportation & Infrastructure
  • Waste Management

Modern Digital Experience

Time-consuming legacy solutions and paper-based processes haven’t been the standard for years. Providing a user-friendly and familiar experience across the Microsoft landscape brings employees and citizens up to speed.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Public Sector Modern Digital Experience
Dynamics 365 for Public Sector and Government

Engaged and Connected

Citizens, customers and employees all have increasing expectations of connectivity in their daily lives. No longer are government and public sector services exempt from these expectations. With the help of Dynamics 365, information previously scattered across multiple silos and systems is pulled together in a meaningful way. Secure access via tablets, mobile phones and more means the home office is wherever the user needs it to be. AI and data analysis can now be an accessible tool your workers use every day, not just a pipe dream of a future state.

Optimized Operations

In the Microsoft online digital world, government workers are made aware of issues instantly. Assignation of the proper resource to an issue can happen immediately, leading to quicker resolutions and higher citizen satisfaction. Cases and service orders can be updated in real time from the field, and citizens made aware of activities and solutions as they happen. Close cases faster, and move on to the next task without drowning in paperwork and manual processes.

Optimize Operations with Dynamics 365 for Public Sector

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