Microsoft Dynamics Project Recovery & Rescue

Facing Challenges With Your Current Implementation? Get Back on Track With Microsoft Dynamics Project Recovery from Ellipse Solutions!

Trust is crucial in large ERP projects, and we understand that sometimes the initial choice of a partner might not be the best fit. Recognizing these issues early is key to saving your project. With Ellipse Solutions, a seasoned Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner, you can trust in our expertise for successful Microsoft Dynamics project recovery.

Recognizing signs of a failing implementation is crucial. Here are some red flags to pay attention to:

Incomplete Discovery or Assessment

If your partner never completed a full discovery, it could lead to gaps in your implementation.

Lack of Strategic Approach

A successful Dynamics project requires a strategic approach, and a lack thereof can hinder progress.

Missed Deadlines and Budget Checkpoints

Delays and budget overruns can be indicative of an unsuccessful implementation.

Overreliance on Customizations

Adding customizations for every challenge signals a lack of understanding Microsoft Dynamics features.

Missing Standard Features or Functionality

Out of the box pieces missing from Microsoft Dynamics indicates a lack of planning or understanding of your business requirements.

Unrealized Return on Investment

If the proposed Return on Investment is not materializing, it's time to reassess your implementation strategy.

Microsoft Dynamics Project Recovery Service

Our Project Recovery Services address issues head-on, leveraging our expertise with rescuing failing or failed implementations to bring your business success. We approach each project with a highly-detailed and proven recovery model that has resulted in a 100% Microsoft Dynamics project recovery success rate. Here are the key steps in our Project Recovery Service:

Microsoft Dynamics Project Recovery

Determining why your project has failed or is failing is the key to moving forward. We'll start by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the current state of your Microsoft Dynamics implementation to identify gaps, challenges, and points of pain.

In order to develop a strategic recovery plan that addresses identified issues and aligns with your business goals, a full discovery will be performed to gain a deeper understanding of your business processes, requirements, and expectations. The resulting analysis will help us define clear objectives, timelines, and milestones for the recovery process.

Our team of consultants will begin working on the recovery project following the established strategic plan to ensure Microsoft Dynamics is successfully implemented and optimized for your business needs while meeting projected timelines and budgetary expectations. 

When the recovery is finished and ready to be launched, we'll deploy the solution and go-live. The majority of our project recovery deployments are a non-event (a good thing!), but our team will be there to monitor the post-implementation phase to identify any potential issues and address them promptly in the unlikely event that they arise.

After go-live, ongoing support and assistance is available to address any issues that may arise following the recovery process. Our consultants will be able to provide guidance on system optimization and best practices for long-term success.

Microsoft Dynamics Project Recovery Experience You Can Rely On

At Ellipse Solutions, we boast years of extensive experience in Microsoft Dynamics, coupled with a diverse range of industry expertise. As a result, we've become a trusted partner for Microsoft Dynamics customers, with approximately 50% of our customer base coming from projects initiated by other partners and successfully saved through our project recovery service.


The "Forgotten 50%"

Our experience with Microsoft Dynamics Project Recovery spans nearly two full decades. In fact, about 50% of our customers first started their implementation with another implementation partner.


Success Rate

Over the many years of working on Microsoft Dynamics Project Recoveries, we're proud to say we carry a 100% success rate in getting our customers back on the right track and live on a solution that fits their needs.


Customer Retention

The exceptional quality of our work and the high level of service we provide have led to an industry-leading rate of customer retention. Our customers tend to keep us as their Microsoft Dynamics partner after go-live.