Project Recovery or Considerations for Your Next ERP Implementation

Money Pit. Throwing good money after bad. You think the original decision was bad?

Think again…

The problem with your original ERP decision wasn’t necessarily the initial decision; it was the series of bad decisions that occurred afterwards.

For Plastics Manufacturers – with already tight margins, resin price dependence, and growing customer expectations – a less than stellar ERP implementation can choke or bankrupt a company. However, outgrowing an existing ERP system that doesn’t support growing needs or trans-formative business models requiring Digital Transformation, Advanced Analytics, and other IoT initiatives is obviously not the answer as well.

Over the years, Ellipse Solutions has seen it time and again. Over 50% of our clients started with another Partner. We have an entire practice dedicated to recovering these projects (when we can) or helping a company start over.

The world as we know it is changing. Digital Transformation is real, and ignoring the impact of this to differentiate your company, continuously improve operations, or how masterfully engage with your clients could make a monumental difference in your company’s performance over the next three to five years.

Take a moment to learn what we have learned, and maybe you can avoid this situation with your next ERP implementation:

  Apps, ERP, and IoT in Plastics Manufacturing