Production Order Reservation in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 (AX 2012 R3) has newly added features that can be used to automate Production order reservation process. The automated reservation process ensures that materials will be set aside for use in the ‘Made to Order’ environment and preventing material shortages during a production run.  In addition, a new feature has been added to the Warehouse management to allow a release production order to require full reservation of materials needed or to allow a partial reservation. Below is the description of the setup for the two newly added AX 2012 R3 reservation features.

Automatic Material Reservations Production Control Parameters

A new option has also been added to Production control parameters, Production Control > Setup > Production Control Parameters, General tab to allow the Production creation reservation, to be selected as Release, allowing materials to be reserved when a production order is released.

In prior versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX the reservation could happen manually, or at the time of Estimation, Scheduling, or Start of the production order. The addition of Release allows manufacturers to estimate or schedule production orders but not make the actual material reservations until the production order is released.

Production control Parameters Allow Partial Reservation Dynamics AX

Setup Full or Partial Reservation Parameters for Production Wave Processing

When the Reservation parameter in production is set to release and wave processing has been setup in warehouse management (Warehouse management > Setup > Warehouse management parameters, General tab, Wave processing fast tab) production orders can be setup to require a full reservation or partial reservation of materials at time of release. To set the requirement for wave processing for production orders complete the following setup:

1. Navigate to Warehouse management > Setup > Warehouse management parameters, General tab, Wave processing fast tab and setup wave processing.

Warehouse Management Parameters Dynamics AX

2. Navigate to Production control>Setup>Production control parameters, General tab set the default setting for Release to warehouse to one of the following:

Require full reservation – Select this option if you want to create wave lines and picking work only if all of the materials that are required by a production order can be reserved when the order is released. If all materials are not available, wave lines and work are not created. However, the status of the production will change to Released.

Allow partial reservation – This option will allow the user to create wave lines if some of the required materials are not available when the order is released. Materials that become available later can be released using the newly created Release to Warehouse button.

Production control Parameters Allow Partial Reservation Dynamics AX

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