Product Configurator Tales With Dynamics 365/AX – Decimal Attribute Types

Configuring Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations for custom products manufacturers often leads implementers to the native Product Configurator option. Out of the box module introduced during the Dynamics AX 2012 days is a good fit for many industries, however on occasion we encounter certain limitations. While working recently with Product Configurator for a custom plastics extrusion client, we have encountered a challenge with a decimal attribute type Gauge.  The following limitation for use of decimal attribute types described below is equally applicable to Dynamics AX 2012 and Dynamics 365.

The valid range for our Gauge attribute type is from 0.0150 to 2 inches. However, when an attribute is entered with the type, a default value can be assigned from outside the valid range:

Attributes Dynamics AX 2012

The product model is even validated and displays the default value at testing:

configure line dynamics 365

When the product is configured on a sales order line – again, values outside the range are allowed to be entered:configure selected item

Likewise, the decimal attribute cannot be utilized in Constraints: it is not on the list of attributes available when a constraint is entered:

decimal attributes constraints dynamics ax

However, to work around that limitation, we can use integer type attribute. Values for an integer attribute types are validated against the range defined on the type as expected. Instead of measuring Gauge in inches, we can set up an integer attribute type Gauge2 without specifying a Unit of measure and have a valid range in 1/10,000 inches:

 integer type attributes d365

Or create a new UOM as 1/100 inch and use it in the attribute type:

new unit of measure

In that case, when a value outside the range, e.g. 100, is set as default, the error is thrown at the save of the record:

attributes dynamics 365

In addition, when an invalid value is entered at product configuration with the model from a sales order line, a stop error is thrown. The attribute is also available on the constraint setup:

constraint setup in dynamics ax 2012

Happy Product Configurations!

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