Product Attributes in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Product Attributes is functionality that was introduced to Microsoft Dynamics AX in the 2012 release along with the concept and functionality to use Products, Product masters, and Released products. Product Attributes can be viewed and used throughout the Microsoft Dynamics AX application. The new concept is a useful feature to supply more details about your products to the users.  A user can utilize Product Attributes in many ways:

Released Products form

  • By looking at the product from the Released Products form, there is a button to view and setup the Product Attributes. This area can be populated with text to give a user a better understanding of the product.

product attribute values dynamics ax


  • The most common use of new Attributes is focused on filtering and sorting capabilities for a variety of Product related reports.

Purchasing clerks

  • Product Attributes can assist purchasing clerks as the procurement category inherits the assigned Product Attributes. This makes it easier for a user to search for an attribute and have all products and categories that have that attribute be displayed.


Virtually, in every implementation of Inventory Management module in AX 2009 and prior versions, customizations were required to insert additional fields into the Item master table to supply elements describing an Item.  This new feature in AX2012 allows users to configure unlimited number of Product Attributes (including a list of allowable values) without customizations.

Product Attributes Setup

As outlined, the Product Attributes is a functionality that was delivered in AX 2012 allowing users to provide additional information to their products. The Product Attributes are then assigned to a category and the category can then be associated with a product. Please use the following instructions as an example to setup Product Attributes in AX 2012.


Product Attributes groups are created at:

Product Information Management > Setup > Attributes > Attribute Type

attribute types dynamics ax

Once the Attribute is created, a user can create and assign new attributes to the group at:

Product Information Management > Setup > Attributes > Attributes

attributes dynamics ax

The last thing a user can do is add attributes to categories. This is done through the Procurement and sourcing module:

Procurement and Sourcing > Setup > Categories > Procurement Categories

procurement categories dynamics ax

Once all of the Product Attributes are set up and assigned to categories, they can be added to Released products. A user can navigate to the Released products form (Product information Management > Common > Released products), and there is a Product Attributes and Product categories option under the Product tab where a user can assign the set up attributes to the products.

released products dynamics ax

product categories dynamics ax

product attribute values dynamics ax

Customer Attributes

The AX Gear Sales solution includes a new feature called Customer Attributes, which is designed in a similar pattern to Product Attributes.  It provides users the option of creating an unlimited number of Customer related segments and permitted values as a configuration (and not customization).

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