The Preamble to Return Orders in Dynamics 365 for Operations

How to create a return order 

Dynamics 365 for Operations supports the business case when a customer calls with a request to return goods. This blog shows how to do it through the use of a return order functionality in the Sales and marketing module. The original order is retrieved to create a return. We will start with an invoiced sales order, then show how to create and process a return order against it.
Please go to Sales and marketing > Sales returns > All return orders. Click New on the top menu. Select a customer that called in to process a return. The Return order form comes up:

creating return order dynamics 365 for operations

The Sales order 000427 with the type = Return order is generated. From this form, you can select an option Find sales order to link the just created Return order with the original Sales order:

find sales order dynamics 365 for operations

Select the Sales order on the top pane and a line (or lines) to be returned on the lower pane. Click OK.

The Return order form is displayed again with the selected lines and the original quantities are reversed with the negative sign. For each line, it is only a suggested quantity to be returned and can be overwritten if a different quantity is returned than was originally purchased:

return order form in dynamics 365 for operations

How to receive a return order

You can send the return order to the customer:

receive a return order in dynamics 365 for operations

When the goods arrive from the customer, register each line on the order:

register return order lines dynamics 365 for operations

A disposition code is required to be entered at this point:

assigning a disposition code dynamics 365 for operations

When a disposition code is entered, add the line and confirm the registration:

confirm sales order registration dynamics 365 for operations

After processing all returned lines, a packing slip can be generated:

generating packing slip dynamics 365 for operations


The Return Order is complete, and we can now issue a credit to the customer (In a separate process).

Return lines have reference to sales lines by Return lot ID. On the Return order > Line details > General, click on the field: you will be redirected to the Sales order with the original sales line:

complete return order in dynamics 365 for operations



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