Payroll Posting Distribution Issue for $0 Lines in Dynamics AX

Recently, a client presented a Payroll issue in Dynamics AX 2012 R3 when an earnings statement distribution of 25%, 25%, 50% is changed to a distribution of 100%, 100%, -100% on the associated pay statement. It occurred when an unpaid leave earning code (such as sick unpaid) with the earning rate of $0 and recorded hours for benefit accruals.

The distribution is defined based on the template assigned to the position:

distribution template dynamics ax

financial dimension default templates dynamics ax

The earnings statement has the correct distribution for both regular and unpaid sick time:

earnings statement correct distribution dynamics ax

The non-zero line on the related pay statement looks right, yet the zero line has lines with 100%, 100%, -100% instead of 25%, 25%, 50%.:

zero line showing wrong percentages dynamics ax

Moreover in testing, a pay statement distribution for 5 lines (for examples: 10%, 10%, 10%, 20%, 50%) is generated 100% four times and -300% once to make it up to exactly 100%.

The pay statement can be submitted for payment, and a payment journal can be generated and processed. However, at posting of the pay statement, the error is thrown:

dynamics ax error when posting pay statement

To prevent this from happening, the default dimensions on the earning code for unpaid sick hours can be set:

default dimensions on the earning code

The earning statement shows it being allocated based on the financial dimension default template percentage for the employee, however the ledger account is just a single account based on the default financial dimension of the earning code:

select the amount for pay statement

It’s noteworthy that if the Distribution template is set based on the earning code, the position default overrides it. Yet when the default dimensions are on the earning code, the accounting distribution on the Pay Statement combines it into one line at  100%. The pay statement is posted without errors and no entry hits the ledger account because the amount was $0.

On a positive note the issue seems to be resolved in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations: the similar test case shows that the zero line has 100% posted to the first line:

accounting distributions


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