Missing Link: Digging into Data Inquiries for the Warehouse Mobile App in D365 Supply Chain Management

Many customers who use Advanced Warehouse within D365 Supply Chain Management (SCM) often notice that the functionality they use is able to meet their individual task requirements, however, once a process requires more than one operation that is to be run either concurrently or as a result of another completed step, the flow in the Warehouse Mobile App can be disconnected from one another.

Microsoft’s latest and upcoming slew of feature enhancements around Mobile app Detours and the ability to query Data using Data Inquiry aims to eliminate this shortcoming. Today, we look at an example of how the Data inquiry feature can help address such requirements for a packaging manufacturing and distribution company.

Warehouse Mobile App Features

Every organization has a unique approach to distributing products and some choose to partner with 3PL warehouses to ensure a reliable fulfillment cycle.

One feature that can help achieve this scenario is using the ability to create Transfer Orders from a license plate. This allows a warehouse user to load finished pallets of products going to a third-party warehouse to use the mobile device without requiring any additional supervisory intervention.

However using this feature in the real world presents challenges, if the production facility and warehouse is space constrained and require loading the truck as soon as a pallet is complete.

Data Inquiries within existing mobile device menu items can help the user accomplish otherwise manual tasks of gathering relevant information to a few context aware taps. This helps the flow of the operation to be continuous and inherently congruent to the warehouse worker’s physical activities.

In the case mentioned above, Data inquiries embedded into the Transfer Create menu can help alleviate the data entry repetition required to select the transfer order each time a pallet is loaded.

It helps streamline the outbound truck loading process by finding the right transfer order the user is working on and inserting it into the relevant prompt via the detour.

Warehouse Mobile App - Mobile Device Menu Items
Warehouse Mobile App - Create Transfer Order
Warehouse Mobile App - Find Transfer Order
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