Microsoft Teases Electronic Reporting in Dynamics 365

Reporting is a major part of any Dynamics 365 implementation. Most companies need to customize business documents and report layouts with custom branding or change fields and columns for other business requirements. While limitations do exist, Electronic Reporting provides an opportunity to help with some of these “customizations” without any technical experience necessary. Business users can modify the report configurations right through the D365 client.

Users can create custom electronic reporting configurations from scratch, yet the quickest way to utilize this tool is to import existing Microsoft configurations and customize them. To do this, make sure to setup the LCS repository on the Microsoft configuration provider. You must also setup your own configuration provider and mark it active.

localization configurations dynamics 365

configuration repositories d365 reporting

One of the most time consuming reports to customize during an implementation or upgrade is the Check layout. Many businesses are going to generate and print checks on custom check stock and with a layout that needs to be precise down to the millimeter. Microsoft provides a standard Payment check model electronic reporting configuration. This is a great starting point for customizing the layout without any code changes.

dynamics 365 payment check mode

Once you have imported this standard check configuration, you can then create your own configuration to adjust the layout or mappings. One should see this new configuration listed in the Electronic Reporting workspace under “Reporting configurations”. Selecting the existing configuration, create a new derived configuration.

reporting configurations dynamics 365

Using your new format configuration, you can update the excel template – for example, moving fields like the amount or MICR lines to fit bank requirements. Once you save the template, please make sure to attach it to your new format. While updating the new configuration, it is important to enter the Designer menu and update any mappings as well. If there are any validation warnings these will need to be resolved. For instance, if fields are moved on the template, they will need to be re-ordered in the mappings as well. Once you are done customizing the new Check layout, be sure to change the status to Complete. From here, you would also be able to share this version, which can be useful to move configurations between D365 environments.

check layout d365

To test your new check layout, go to the Bank account record and setup the check layout under Cash and bank management>Bank accounts>Bank accounts, then click in the ribbon to choose Set up>Layout>Check. Here you can select your new Electronic Reporting configuration in the Export format configuration. Now you have successfully customized the check layout and  can see your new layout used for the check run.

check layout dynamics 365 electronic reporting

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