Microsoft Named Leader in IDC MarketScape Worldwide Saas and Cloud-Enabled Large Enterprise ERP Vendor Assessment

Microsoft IDC MarketScape

Technological innovation and advancements are consistently bringing more and more solutions to the digital world for businesses, making it difficult to choose which is the right fit for organizational decision-makers. Because of this, analysts are continually reviewing ERP companies by creating structured guidelines that must be met by these vendors to qualify as top contenders in their assessment reports.

International Data Corporation (IDC) is one of these analysts and serves as the premier global provider of market intelligence for information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets. They recently released the IDC MarketScape Worldwide Saas and Cloud-Enabled Large Enterprise ERP Vendor Assessment, in which Microsoft was named a leader.  

A few of IDC’s specific considerations in their report includes:

  • Providing modern cloud solutions such as SaaS or cloud-enabled solutions
  • Must have a general ledger as part of their ERP system
  • At least 30-50% of revenue from organizations of 1,000 or more employees

Once again Microsoft fits the bill by being named a leader in the IDC MarketScape Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Large Enterprise ERP Vendor Assessment. Microsoft D365 excels in many areas of the above guidelines, as their ideal customer size are upper midmarket to global enterprises for companies focused in priority service-centric and product-centric industries, including architecture, healthcare, financial services, public sector, utilities, and more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a single cloud solution with a variety of business applications that companies can pick and choose from to tailor specifically to their business needs. Along with this, they provide a marketplace called AppSource that contains over 7,000 solution-based applications where users can try, buy, and deploy apps and services that extend the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics.

Microsoft’s Strengths Defined by IDC MarketScape

IDC thoroughly evaluated all the organizations that were mentioned in their MarketScape report for SaaS and Cloud-Enabled ERP applications to ensure they were suitable. They outline some of Microsoft’s strengths in their article stating, “The robust private offers and private marketplaces features, as well as the broad spectrum of products and services accessible through marketplace, make it a preferred channel for many enterprises. The new multiparty option for ISVs and their selling partners also adds more flexibility and strengthens the Microsoft ecosystem to the benefit of buyers.”– IDC MarketScape.

A few other strengths mentioned in the report includes:

  • Speed and scale: Microsoft has helped several organizations swiftly grow their business, assisting in standardizing processes into one platform allowing for an easier expansion process.
  • Licensing Models: Microsoft D365 licensing is set-up to offer subscription-based pricing based on user and workload needs. In addition, they provide a transaction-based option to address any future scenarios that could arise.
  • Current & Fresh – D365 is cloud-based, meaning users easily stay current with scheduled continuous updates and newfound innovations.

The report also suggests that organizations should consider utilizing Microsoft if they are needing to standardize business processes quickly and effectively across their channel, while also utilizing an entire business suite of applications to their advantage. If you would like to learn more about the IDC MarketScape Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Large Enterprise ERP Vendor Assessment, read here.

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