Microsoft Named a Leader in Worldwide Manufacturing Field Service Management

“Out here in the fields, I fight for my meals” – The Who (and Microsoft, when referencing their Field Service Management strategy)

Aside from referencing an all-time great song, Baba O’Riley, let’s talk about how Microsoft has absolutely embodied that opening lyric in their Field Service strategy over the past few years. Dynamics 365 Field Service hasn’t just stumbled into success. There was and is clear investment from Microsoft in the area of field service management, even before a global pandemic. The existing framework and commitment by Microsoft in this arena was only accelerated while the world adapted to the “new normal”, if for no other reason than it had to be in order for businesses to have the tools needed to adapt.

Today, Microsoft continues to innovate in the space, having recently been named A Worldwide Manufacturing Field Service Management Applications leader in IDC’s MarketScape. If you’re feeling a bit of déjà vu reading this on our blog, it’s probably because Gartner also named Microsoft a Field Service leader in their Magic Quadrant. The new report from IDC highlighted integration capabilities with other enterprise applications, IoT, and mixed reality as strengths. These, in addition to the critical ability to “deliver specific capabilities to support the market”, have positioned Microsoft to provide faster adoption and return on investment for businesses with field service needs.

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