Data Management for Microsoft Dynamics

Turn Data Into Your Organization's Greatest Asset with Data Management for Microsoft Dynamics!

Data-driven decision making is crucial in today's business world. Harnessing clean and purposeful data can help drive accuracy, reliability, and operational efficiency, ultimately resulting in increased profitability. In our current digital landscape where data volumes are escalating, leveraging information to comprehend customer needs, anticipate market changes, and formulate effective strategies is essential. Transform your data into a decision making tool with Data Management for Microsoft Dynamics.


Leverage clean and purposeful data to make informed decisions, driving accuracy and reliability in your strategic initiatives.

Streamline data-related tasks with Data Management for Microsoft Dynamics, enhancing data governance processes and promoting operational efficiency.

Identify trends and patterns in customer behavior with Microsoft Dynamics dashboards and tools, refining marketing strategies and improving customer service to reduce churn.

Take advantage of data management tools within the Microsoft Ecosystem to get the most out of your investment.

Enable your organization with strategic data insights that drive the productivity and effectiveness of your team.

Data Management for Microsoft Dynamics

Data Management for Microsoft Dynamics

In this data-driven world, the need for new and updated reports can be overwhelming. There are several tools from which to choose, and a multitude of ways to address a reporting requirement. Ellipse Solutions' Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics will give you a peace of mind when it comes to creating reports in various disciplines, including:

Inquiries and Workspaces: D365FO offers powerful inquiry and workspace tools, enabling users to access and analyze relevant data within the platform's intuitive interface.

Excel Add-In: Seamlessly integrate D365FO with Microsoft Excel, fostering flexibility and ease of use for data analysis and manipulation.

Data Management Framework: Streamline data-related tasks such as import, export, and data entity refresh, enhancing data governance and management processes.

Data Entities: Simplify data interactions with a comprehensive set of predefined data entities, providing a standardized and structured approach to accessing and managing data within the system.

Dashboards: Gain visual insights with D365CE's dashboards, offering an intuitive representation of key performance indicators for informed decision-making.

Office Add-In: Interact with and manipulate CRM data directly within familiar Microsoft Office applications, promoting seamless integration and enhancing productivity.

Report Wizard: Empower users to create customized reports without advanced technical skills, facilitating quick and tailored data visualization.

OData: Promote interoperability with OData support, facilitating the exchange of data between different systems and ensuring data consistency.

Microsoft Excel: Leverage the versatile data analysis and visualization capabilities of Microsoft Excel for effective data interpretation and presentation.

Microsoft Fabric: Create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces with Microsoft Fabric's design tools and UI components, enhancing overall user experience.

Azure Data Lake: Facilitate secure and scalable data storage and analytics with Azure Data Lake, harnessing big data capabilities and gaining insights from large datasets stored in the cloud.

SSAS, Synapse, BYOD: Scale your data infrastructure with advanced analytics, data warehousing, and customizable database solutions provided by tools like SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Azure Synapse Analytics, and Bring Your Own Database (BYOD).

Your Team of Experts for Data Management in Microsoft Dynamics

Elevate your organization's data strategy with our team of dedicated experts in Data Management for Microsoft Dynamics. Our consultants bring a wealth of specialized knowledge and hands-on experience, ensuring that your data becomes a powerful asset driving operational excellence and strategic decision-making. With a focus on efficiency, scalability, and customization, our team collaborates seamlessly with your organization to implement tailored solutions that meet your unique needs.

Unparalleled Expertise

Benefit from our consultants' in-depth knowledge and specialization in Microsoft Dynamics, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, expert services that drive efficient and effective data solutions.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Avoid the expenses of hiring, on-boarding, and training an in-house team. Our expert data management consultants provide their skills on demand when you need them!

Strategic Focus

Get back to concentrating on core business activities by outsourcing Data Management. This strategic shift allows your organization to focus on initiatives where internal expertise is most valuable.

Flexible Scalability

Adapt to changing business needs seamlessly with our consultants - whether expanding operations or undergoing transitions, our team adjusts to your requirements, ensuring continuity and efficiency.


Don't let your data be an untapped resource. Contact us today to unlock its full potential, and transform your data into a valued asset with our Data Management for Microsoft Dynamics.

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