Dynamics 365 Continuous Update Automation

Ensure Your Business Applications Stay Evergreen with Dynamics 365 Continuous Update Automation!

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, organizations understand the importance of keeping their business applications up-to-date with the latest and greatest features and functionality. Microsoft Dynamics 365, as an "Evergreen" ERP, offers continuous monthly updates, providing your team with the latest tools for optimal performance. While this offers a major competitive advantage, updating Microsoft Dynamics 365 on a regular basis can be resource-intensive and time consuming. Streamline the update process with Dynamics 365 Continuous Update Automation.

Simplify the Process

While Microsoft has simplified the update process, it requires commitment to stay current. Our Continuous Update Automation service streamlines this process, saving your IT resources from the monthly update workload.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Ensure that your organization always operates on the most recent version with Dynamics 365 Continuous Update Automation! This strategic advantage keeps you ahead of the competition, as others lag behind on outdated legacy business solutions.

Dynamics 365 Continuous Update

Dynamics 365 Continuous Update Automation

Dynamics 365 Continuous Update Automation service is a fully managed and comprehensive package, taking the burden off your team. With a fixed pricing model, you can predictably budget for and plan your updates.

Licenses Upgrade

Ensure the continuous validity and relevance of your Dynamics 365 licenses. Our service includes prompt updates to licensing agreements, keeping your organization compliant and unlocking access to the latest functionalities within the Dynamics 365 ecosystem.

Data Upgrade

Experience a seamless transition as we meticulously upgrade your data to the latest Dynamics 365 version. Our process ensures data integrity, allowing your business to leverage the full potential of new features without disruption to critical information.

Code Upgrade

Effortlessly maintain the functionality of your custom code with our code upgrade service. We handle the intricacies of updating and adapting your unique codebase to seamlessly align with the latest Dynamics 365 version, ensuring a smooth and reliable operation.

New Feature Introduction

Stay ahead in the competitive landscape by leveraging the latest Dynamics 365 features. Our service not only updates your system but also keeps you informed about and prepared to capitalize on newly introduced functionalities, empowering your team with innovative tools for enhanced productivity.

Regression Testing

Rigorous testing is integral to our service. We conduct thorough regression testing to identify and address any potential issues that may arise during the update process. This proactive approach ensures a stable and reliable Dynamics 365 environment post-update, minimizing any disruptions to your operations.


Transparency and thoroughness are the keys to our update process. We provide clear and comprehensive documentation, detailing every step of the update journey. This ensures that your team has a complete understanding of the changes made, facilitating a smoother transition and enabling informed decision-making within your organization.


Don't let monthly updates be a burden - empower your team to focus on strategic initiatives. Contact us to streamline your Dynamics 365 updates and ensure your business operates on the cutting edge of technology.

Dynamics 365 Continuous Update Steps

Our Dynamics 365 Continuous Updates service is a fully managed and comprehensive service for streamlining version updates. We've outlined this service into a series of steps to ensure the successful deployment of Dynamics 365 Continuous Updates and giving organizations transparency throughout the process.

#1. Define Update Settings

We begin the continuous update process by configuring your update settings. The Lifecycle Services (LCS) platform allows us to set parameters to align with your organizational needs.

#2. Define Release Schedule

Collaborate to establish a clear release schedule for your updates to define when they are expected, ensuring your team is well-prepared and can anticipate the impact of each update.

#3. Apply Update to a Sandbox Environment

Prior to updating your live environment, we'll apply it to a sandbox environment to evaluate the update's compatibility with your customizations, integrations, and workflows.

#4. Test and Validate Update Release

The update will undergo comprehensive testing in the sandbox environment to validate the functionality, security, and performance aspects. Any issues discovered during testing will be addressed in this step to ensure a seamless transition to the latest version.

#5. Apply Update to the Live Environment

The update is deployed to the live environment and your organization can now leverage the new features and improvements introduced in the latest Dynamics 365 version.

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