Ellipse Support for Microsoft Dynamics

Elevate Your Business Applications and Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Solution with Ellipse Support for Microsoft Dynamics

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics with a comprehensive support offering – Ellipse Support for Microsoft Dynamics. Tailored to meet the unique needs of your business, this versatile service umbrella encompasses four key services, allowing you to choose and customize your support experience based on your organization’s specific needs and overall goals.

Help Desk Support for Dynamics 365, AX, and CRM

Help Desk Support

Enhance your solution with Help Desk for Microsoft Dynamics – your dedicated partner for seamless technical and functional support.

Dynamics 365 Continuous Update

Continuous Updates

Seamlessly ensure your solution is always up-to-date and equipped with the latest enhancements with Dynamics 365 Continuous Update Automation.

Reporting for Dynamics 365 - Analytics and Business Intelligence

Reporting & Analytics

Visualize your data and gain practical insights for data-driven decision making with Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics.

Data Management for Microsoft Dynamics

Data Management

Empower your business with Data Management for Microsoft Dynamics and transform your organizations’ data into its greatest asset.

Entrust your Microsoft Dynamics journey to a team of certified experts with real-world experience in implementations and support. Our professionals bring a wealth of knowledge, ensuring you receive guidance from individuals who understand the intricacies of Microsoft Dynamics inside out.

We understand that every organization has unique needs and goals. Ellipse Support allows you to tailor your support package according to your specific requirements. Whether you're looking for help desk assistance, continuous updates, reporting and analytics, or data management – we've got you covered.

Our goal is to help you extract the maximum value from your Microsoft Dynamics solution. By leveraging Ellipse Support, you gain access to a range of services that enhance the overall functionality and performance of your Dynamics platform, ensuring you make the most out of every feature.

Stay ahead with our proactive approach to problem-solving. Ellipse Support not only addresses your current challenges but also anticipates potential issues, providing solutions before they impact your operations. Our commitment is to keep your Microsoft Dynamics environment running smoothly.

Adapt to changing needs effortlessly. Ellipse Support offers flexibility and scalability, allowing you to turn services on or off based on your evolving requirements. This ensures you have the right level of support precisely when you need it.

Why Choose Ellipse Support for Microsoft Dynamics?

Choosing the right Microsoft Dynamics Support service for your needs is pivotal to your organization's success. Our tailored and flexible plans were crafted with a deliberate focus on removing barriers, allowing you to explore Ellipse Support firsthand and determine if its the right fit for your business without any major upfront commitments.

Dynamics Experts

The Ellipse Support team is comprised of certified professionals with years of Microsoft Dynamics implementation and support experience.

Risk-Free Support

Rest assured, knowing you can try out Ellipse Support with low start-up costs and cancel at any time without additional fees.

Customer-Friendly Benefits

Customize your support package and quarterly hours based on your unique requirements with our flexible plans.

Prompt & Dedicated Assistance

Guaranteed response times and dedicated case resources ensure a swift and timely resolution or business outcome.

Ellipse Support for Microsoft Dynamics Portal

Take control of your support requests! The Ellipse Support Customer Portal is your centralized hub for a seamless and efficient support experience. The Customer Portal empowers you with the tools to effortlessly manage your support requests and service needs through a modern and streamlined ticketing system that offers visibility every step of the way.

Ellipse Support for Microsoft Dynamics Portal

Submit Support Request Tickets

Ready to submit a ticket for support or to request a service? Submit your case in the customer portal in only a few minutes with a modern and streamlined ticketing system.

Track Case Progress

Check in on the progress of your request at any time, giving you full visibility and transparency throughout the process.

View Resolutions

After resolving your case, you can review documented resolutions and reference them in the future for self-service.

Experience World-Class Support for Microsoft Dynamics

Discover the difference with Ellipse Support – a tailored service designed with your enterprise in mind. Contact us to explore how Ellipse Support can help your business maximize the effectiveness of your Microsoft Dynamics solution!

A Customer-Centric Support for Microsoft Dynamics

Discover support that puts you first – Ellipse Support for Microsoft Dynamics was meticulously designed with our customers in mind. Say “goodbye” to hefty startup costs and cancellation fees, as we offer a risk-free entry into receiving top-notch Microsoft Dynamics support services. Our commitment to your satisfaction is reflected in customer-friendly benefits, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Low Cost of Entry

Keep your initial investment low by starting with a small amount of hours and scaling up as needed.

Guaranteed 2, 4, or 8 Hour Response

After submitting a ticket, one of our experts will reach out within two, four, or eight hours based on the SLA and severity of the issue.

Quarterly Plans

Gain predictability by budgeting for technical support on a quarterly basis without any up-front fees.

Dedicated Case Resources

Every case is assigned a single dedicated Microsoft Dynamics expert to lead the efforts of resolving the issue at hand.

Unused Rollover Hours

Any unused Help Desk support dollars/hours rollover to the next quarter. No ‘use it or lose it’ penalties.

Easy Exit

Begin your Help Desk support plan knowing you can exit anytime without cancellation fees.

Service Level Agreements

System inoperable, or operating but cannot process any transactions:

  • Examples include Application Object Server crashing for an unknown reason, data restore due to hardware failure, etc.
  • Initial Response Time: 2 hours | Estimated Resolution Time: 4 hours