Microsoft Dynamics AX Project Profit and Loss Reporting

Ask anyone using project management or project accounting functionality what is the most important outputs of their ERP system is and many will tell you “to accurately calculate the Profit and Loss”. That is just what Dynamics AX allows you to do with their Project Profit and Loss Report. Managers can review their projects to see if expenses are too high and accounting can see the revenues they can expect.

The AX Project P&L report is sophisticated enough to be used for any project types. With many filter and sorting options, you can customize the analysis you need in a matter of a few clicks.

Running Project Profit and Loss Report

To start, please navigate to Project Management and Accounting -> Reports -> Project Statements-> Profit and Loss -> Project Profit and Loss

Project profit and loss report in dynamics ax

There are many ways to “slice and dice” it. AX provides a number of options in the P&L Report Form:

  • Select Project Types to include. At least one is required and more than one can be selected.
  • Select Include Transaction Types. At least one is required and more than one can be selected.

dynamics ax select project types and transaction types to include

  • Select Date Range under Project Date or Ledger Date. If these fields are left blank, all transactions will pull into the report

select date range

  • In the Data Section, select Actual or Budget. Only select Budget if you have set up budgets on the project and you want to display the budget values.
  • If you’ve selected Budget, then select the budget forecast model you’ve used on the Project under Forecast Model.

selecting budget forecast model in dynamics ax

  • Select a Project View. This is the highest sort level of the report (the first column).  There are many options including Project, Project Contract, Managers
  • Select a Project Level to determine how the report is summarized. The options are:
    • 0: all projects summarized into one line
    • 1: summarized by parent projects
    • 2: summarized by subprojects
  • Checking off Skip Blank ID will exclude transactions that are not linked to a project
  • Checking off Skip Zero will exclude rows that equal zero

row layout dynamics ax profit and loss reporting

  • Select a Show Amount for how you would like the currency within the report to display. The options are:
    • With Decimals: amounts within two decimal places
    • Without Decimals: amount rounded to the nearest whole number
    • Amount in 1,000: amount rounded to nearest thousandth
    • Amount in 1,000,000: amount rounded to nearest millionth
  • If you’ve selected to include hour transactions, select how you would like to show the hours. The options are:
    • Quantity of hours
    • Cost of hours
    • Both quantity and cost
  • Selecting a PL Ratio adds an additional column to the report. The options are:
    • None – not displaying this column
    • Gross margin
    • Value-added
    • Both – displaying gross margin and value-added columns

column layout dynamics ax profit and loss

  • Another option is to run the report by a specific project(s) or add tables to a modified view to see by customer, customer group, project manager and more.

run profit and loss report by project dynamics ax

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