Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Implementation

Getting Started

Have you or someone you know had a botched Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Implementation experience?

Do you feel like you don’t have enough time and resources to undertake a new business management system?

If so, you aren’t alone. Too many ERP and Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations are poorly planned and executed. This can be devastating for organizations for years to come. On top of that, most organizations have been forced to operate with fewer resources than they want. The last thing they want is a botched implementation that is going to consume money and take time away from running the business.

That is why it is of utmost significance to find the right solution and partner.

At Ellipse Solutions, we excel at solving business and software issues and properly executing implementations. If your organization is seeking to upgrade its current software, take on a new implementation, customize business processes, or migrate to Microsoft Dynamics® AX from another application, we are well-equipped to provide a top-notch, professional, cost-effective option.

We believe true results in the world of Enterprise Business solutions are achieved only through a mix of technological expertise and a complete dedication to our clients’ success.

Deployment Options

Microsoft understands businesses demand flexibility and options for deploying their solution. With Microsoft Dynamics® AX, businesses can choose on-premise or partner private cloud hosting for today and a roadmap to Microsoft cloud capability in the future — all with a single application solution.​

Choosing the right Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Implementation partner is as critical as choosing the right ERP solution. At Ellipse Solutions, our team of Microsoft-certified consultants has the industry experience to understand the needs of your company. We follow the proven Microsoft Sure Step Implementation Process to ensure a smooth implementation. With the combination of Microsoft Dynamics, Ellipse’s expertise and the Microsoft Sure Step Implementation methodology, our clients can be confident they made the right decisions.

Microsoft Sure Step

Microsoft Sure Step is a time tested methodology for a Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Implementation. The process has been used for many years to help lead to a successful implementation.

Microsoft Sure Step includes:

  1. Diagnostics
  2. Analysis
  3. Design
  4. Development
  5. Deployment
  6. Operation

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?