Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Rehire a Worker

Sometimes companies have employees or contractors that leave their organization on good terms, increase their skill set, or new positions become available and the need arises to rehire the worker. In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 (AX 2012 R3). Human resource features easily allow the rehire of a past worker (employee or contractor). The Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 use of past, current, and future transactions that are related to a worker’s employment history allows an employer to have a comprehensive historical record of the worker’s employment history, thus allowing the rehire of a past worker. Following the detailed explanation of employment history follow the steps in one of the two options to rehire a worker in AX 2012 R3.

It is a standard functionality in AX 2012 whereby once an employee gets terminated, his/her record will get moved under the Past workers list page. The path to the list page is HR -> Common -> Workers -> Past workers.

HR Past workers Dynamics AX

History can be viewed under the Employment history button that is available in the Edit mode:

employment history dynamics ax

1. Rehire Worker from the Workers List Page

A worker can be rehired when a new Employment record is created for him/her.  Click New from the Employment history form to enter a new date and time for the current worker.

employment history dynamics ax

A new employment record is created:dynamics ax new employment record

At that point the worker is removed from the Past workers list and added to the Workers list page:

worker removed from past workers list dynamics ax

A position is assigned by clicking on the Workers positions assignment button on the Action pane and selected one of the open positions:

worker position assignments dynamics ax

2. Rehire Worker by Converting from an Applicant

You can use the Applications list page to hire an applicant who submitted an application for employment. The path to the list page is HR -> Common -> Recruitment -> Applicants.

When you hire a new applicant, a worker record for the applicant is created automatically from some of the applicant’s information.

In the case of rehire, there is already a reference between the Application and a Worker record from a previous employment process. The applicant is marked as a ‘Previous employee’:

previous employee appication dynamics ax

Click on the Application the Applicant applied for.  The Application form is open.  Click on the Application status button on the Action pane:

application status dynamics ax

The Create new worker form is open.  Select a position and hire the new worker directly from the list of Applicants:

dynamics ax create new worker

After Hire new worker button is clicked on, the Workers form is open right away. The worker is hired and all information for the past worker is available now without the additional entry.

The Hire new worker from the Applicants form is available only in R3 C9 release.  Previous releases of AX 2012 had the “Hire New Worker” button is disabled and the following two hot fixes were included in C9 to address the issue:

KB3036896 – Cannot rehire a past worker from recruitment process

KB3044338 – Cannot rehire a terminated worker from recruitment


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