Microsoft Dynamics 365 Release Wave 2

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Release Wave 2

If you are looking for some light reading material, say about 500 words or so, and you are a Dynamics 365 player or playa, then the folks over at Microsoft have just made your week, month, or however long it takes you to dissect 500 pages of technical wonderment. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Release Wave 2 has arrived and it does not disappoint! The features in this wave are planned to release between October 2022 and March 2023. Those with early or preview access should start to see non-production environments begin to update starting in August. Click here to check out the Release Wave 2 Plan.

Inside D365, you can expect a wide array of features in the various modules. Accountants might crack a thin grin over vendor invoice OCR, while the folks in purchasing and sales will begin to beam at the focus on the B2B experience, and the geeks in the warehouse will be checking out special events, promotional, and new product Inventory Visibility enhancements.

More Dynamics 365 Release Wave 2

Let’s not forget about The Power Platform, like we could! Power BI Desktop creators can expect a broader no code experience to perform ETL on their data and sales folks dreaming of a virtual Ricky Roma are in for a set of steak knives! Creating a bot is becoming an easy, code-free task and combined with updates in the Sales experience using data and AI, you will quickly close those Glengarry leads!

There is a lot to get through but once you have poured over the Microsoft release silos look at our previous blogs on recent wave releases.

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