Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO Continuous Updates Announcement 

D365 FO Continuous Updates

Microsoft recently announced that there will be significant changes to One Version (Service Updates) for D365 FO. This process can seem overwhelming but have no fear, we are here to break down everything you need to know so that you can understand what is coming your way. The below points are a brief compilation of what will be occurring: 

  • Service updates will be released in February (December self-update), April, July, and October. Updates in May, August, and November are no longer available for self or auto update. 
  • Each release now has an extended lifecycle of 404 – 414 days. 
  • Every release now includes one scheduled update to the preview build. 
  • The First release program’s auto-update and feedback phase is extended by two weeks. 
  • The servicing window of every release is now extended to 186 – 214 days with improved overlap between releases. 
  • The number of consecutive pauses allowed is reduced from three to one. With the release durations extended, the same minimum two annual service updates is maintained. 

D365 FO Continuous Updates: What to Know

First thing’s first, you should know that these changes are not being set in place TODAY. The enforcement of one maximum pause will be occurring on February 19, 2024, after all scheduled auto-updates for 10.0.38 are completed and the transition from three pauses to one pause will be completed by April 2024. Similarly, the new service update cadence (10.0.39) takes places in April, however the transition cadence (10.0.38) will release in February.  

You still have ample time to acquaint yourself with these changes and updates, but don’t wait until it’s too late! Learn more by reading Microsoft’s official announcement here.   

Although the update process has become simplified over the years, it still takes a decent amount of time and dedication to ensure everything goes smoothly. Most businesses are well equipped to handle the update process, but many would prefer to have their IT team focus on more important and strategic initiatives. If you’re interested in streamlining continuous updates, check out D365 Update Autopilot. 

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