Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations Enterprise Edition – On Account Project Statements

On account project statement is a list of un-invoiced transactions posted on a project.

In both, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and Dynamics 365, On account invoicing is only available for external project types. The functionality is used when a project invoice is generated for either a milestone completed (in both, Time and material and Fixed-price projects) or when a billing is not related to specific costs (Time and material project).

One of the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP) is recognizing revenue based on the percentage complete.

Fixed-price projects

For example, the total cost of a Fixed-price project is $100K with the billing based on percentage complete as 30/30/30/10% where the last 10% is paid at completion. Then 4 invoices will be entered as On-account transactions on the project with the corresponding amount and different dates.

project management and accounting dynamics 365

Dates might be entered as forecast dates or later, at the time of milestone, or left blank.

Time and material projects

When dealing with Time and material (T&M) projects, the customer may elect to set up a billing schedule for the duration of the project.

project management and accounting d365

The final invoice will include the on-account payments, offsets to those payments, and actual transactions on the project.

On-account invoice schedule

To review all on-account invoices for a project, go to Project management and accounting > Inquiries and reports > On account reports > On-account invoice schedule. The report is new for Dynamics 365. It can be run for all projects or for a type of project (e.g. Time and material):

on-account invoice schedule dynamics 365

Projects can be included in the selection criteria of the report:

ecords to include dynamics 365

  • Click the Filter sign:

on-account invoice schedule filter dynamics 365

  • Enter any selection criteria, e.g. project ID
  • Click OK
  • The schedule is displayed:

n-account invoice plan dynamics 365

Hour, fee, expense, and item transactions posted to the project and not invoiced yet, are displayed on the Posted project transactions inquiry (Project management and accounting > Transactions or from Project management and accounting > Projects > All projects form > Related information section):

osted project transactions dynamics 365

After an invoice proposal is generated and posted for the first 2 lines, the Invoice status are changed on the lines:

posted project transactions invoice status dynamics 365

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