Managing Sales Order Holds in Dynamics 365 – Part 2

In part 1 of this blog series, we discussed two business scenarios our customers often encounter.  One was a manufacturing company that produces plastic parts for the automotive industry who receives 100 sales orders per day via email, EDI, and phone.  The other was an online reseller of household products gets most of its 500 daily orders from the website and through their Call Center.

Let’s recap the business scenario.  Adam received an email from a customer, was stopped by a credit hold error,  and put the sales order on hold with notes.  Maria, Adam’s manager, used the Sales order process and inquiry workspace, opened the list of orders on hold, and now she is ready to review & manage the sales order hold.

Maria selects the sales order record she wants to review.  She chooses sales order 000810 and then clicks on Order holds in the action pane.  This will open the Order hold – Active form.

order hold active form dynamics 365

Maria uses the Hold checkout function.  The checkout feature helps ensure that only one person can make changes to the sales order at a time.

Note: Only the user who checked out the hold can check the order hold back in.

To check out the order hold, click Check out.

dynamics 365 check out order form

The user ID and checked out date will populate.

order hold check out date dynamics 365

Maria reviews the Hold Notes added by Adam.  The notes inform her that the customer’s credit limit has been reached.  Also, Maria can open the customer account and adjust the credit limit as needed.  After she has done that, the order hold is ready to be checked in, and then the order hold can be cleared.

clearing sales order hold dynamics 365

To check in the sales order hold, click Clear checkout.

Note: You can override the checkout of another user by using the Override checkout function.

check in sales order hold dynamics 365

Clearing the order hold allows the sales order to proceed and be sent to Production.

When clearing a sales order hold, Maria has a few options to choose from.  Maria chooses Clear holds to allow the sales order to process.

  1. Clear holds will mark the order as cleared along with a user ID and date cleared.
  2. Clear and modify opens the order to be modified or verified as well as clearing the hold and recording the user and date.
  3. Clear and submit executes the open order submission job.  It also marks the order as clear along with a user ID and date cleared.

clear sales order holds in dynamics 365

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