Lotteries and Data – Top Three Needs, One Solution

Millions of transactions from secure Point of Sale devices occur 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – each containing vital information for analysis and reporting. Lottery organizations have long faced the product of disparate systems and data silos that prevent a “one source of truth” in data. Why is this important? 

  1. Faced with the constant pressure to provide new games and experiences, the Product Development and Marketing folks need to analyze every bit of that information to track demographic and sales trends. 
  1. The diligent folks in Accounting need the data, of course, but the thought of millions of line items a month flowing into Sales Journals and General Ledgers defies best practices for manageable, credible, and understandable reporting. 
  1. Security and auditability compliance is always top of mind with IT (Information Technology) and accounting professionals under constant threat of ever-changing regulations. 

What are Microsoft’s answers for these interlocking requirements? 

Microsoft is on the forefront of providing advanced AI (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE), machine learning, and low code analysis tools for Product Development and Marketing. Lotteries know their markets, and their product development/marketing teams are constantly seeking ways to easily access and analyze for future planning.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows organizations, like state lotteries, to precisely define and tailor summary data needed to provide auditable and certifiable financial reporting. The integration tools, like Power BI, within the product allow for a wide variety of integration methodologies and lets Lotteries decide how much data is enough, and how much data is too much data for the finance team to digest. This type of flexibility can serve lottery professionals well. 

Looking for a less expensive way to store and archive data?  

The Microsoft Azure cloud lets Lotteries access and store all that data without expensive hardware and maintenance costs. AI, Power BI, and machine learning tools (provided in Azure) allow savvy marketers to accomplish advanced analysis without the need for IT intervention. 

Microsoft is fully aware of the constantly evolving auditability and security certifications needed for seamless certifications. From data center security to financial data standards, Microsoft already has hundreds of out-of-the-box certifications, and that number goes up constantly.  Don’t believe us? Check out this link: 

Compliance offerings for Microsoft 365, Azure, and other Microsoft services. | Microsoft Learn 

Microsoft Business Applications covers the complex data needs of Lotteries in a single integrated platform. Simplifying and advancing Lotteries’ needs in a constantly evolving environment. 

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