Launching Dynamics 365 Finance Report Designer Application in Different Browsers

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to browsing the web and luckily we have a few choices of browser when it comes to Dynamics 365 as well. If you are using the Financial reports (aka Management Reporter) within D365, you may need to use the Report Designer to create and edit financial reports. Launching this Report Designer application, you might initially get stuck with the following error popping up, “Application cannot be started. Contact the application vendor”.

Here’s a screen shot of the error:

cannot start application error dynamics 365

Click into the Details, and it brings up the log file. Inside this log file, you can find the actual error that is occurring: “Deployment and application do not have matching security zones.”

d365 deployment and application do not have matching security zones

Here’s how you can resolve the error and use the Report Designer in a few different browsers. The steps are slightly different in each type of browser, so we’ve given tips for an older Edge browser, Chrome, and the new Edge based on Chromium.

If you are using an older Edge browser, you might only need to change the settings to Block pop-ups off for the Dynamics 365 web page specifically:

advanced settings edge browser dynamics 365

In Chrome, this can be resolved by installing an extension from the Chrome Web Store. If you search for the terms “Click Once” in the web store, you should come up with a few extensions to add. Once this extension is added, restart the browser and you should be able to launch the Report Designer successfully.

clickonce chrome extension dynamics 365

For the users of the new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium, you can actually add the same extension by getting it from the Chrome Web Store as well. Again, make sure to restart the browser before you attempt to re-launch the Report Designer.

edge chrome extensions d365

Now we are back in business, and can get to the real fun of updating the financial reports!

updating financial reports dynamics 365

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