Keep Calm and Coupon in Dynamics 365

It is time to redeem ourselves in the eyes of our peers by learning how to setup and manage coupons in Dynamics 365 Commerce.  What are Coupons? Really? Ok then, for those visiting from Mars, “Coupons” are a means in which a retailer can attract business by offering a discount on a product.

In the world of D365, a Coupon is not simply a scrap of paper but a complex element! The coupon starts off as a mild-mannered discount, adds a mask, bar code, number sequences and voila, you get the newest Avenger. The Coupon, fighting high prices across the country!

Discounts and price groups are prerequisites that add the layers needed for the coupon to maintain its “couponiness”. Setting up a Discount is covered in our blog here. Other aspects to consider in this setup: organization naming conventions and permissions to perform all the required tasks.

Let’s start with creating a MASK character. This is the character that will represent the coupon information within the barcode.  Navigate from Modules to Retail and commerce>Inventory management>Bar codes and labels>Mask characters or search for Mask Characters.

create a mask character dynamics 365 coupon

  •  Once on the page, click NEW.
  • Under Product choose, “Coupon code.”
  • Under Character, pick any unused alpha character from A-Z.
  • Add a meaningful Description.

Why have one mask when we can have two! The next step is to create a Bar code mask. This is accessed from Modules>Retail and commerce>Inventory management>Bar codes and labels>Bar code mask setup or search for Bar code mask set-up.

  • Click NEW and choose a descriptive MASK ID, fill in the description, and choose TYPE: Coupon.
  • Under the General fast tab, pick the appropriate Bar code standard such as Code 39.
  • A PREFIX can be added if desired; it is not required but can be helpful to distinguish the mask.

Now, in the Bar code mask segment fast tab, click ADD to add a new segment. The Segment number will auto-populate.

  • For a basic coupon, one segment is likely enough.
  • Choose TYPE: Coupon code. The Character will be inherited from the Mask that was created in the previous step
  • Choose a length.

bar code mask segment d365

Be honest, now that we have gone through the process and created a fully functional Bar code mask, it’s starting to feel a little like we are Batman, right? The D365 COUPON! Saving customers money, 10% at a time!”

Back to our alter ego of Coupon Creator, it is time to set-up the barcode portion of the coupon. Start from Modules>Retail and commerce>Inventory management>Bar codes and labels>Bar code setup or by searching Bar code setup.

  • Click NEW and give the bar code a name and description.
  • Fill in the Bar code Mask ID with the one created early and choose the Bar code type to match the Bar code mask.
  • Add a numerical Size. The size field relates to the font and determines the size of the Bar code.
  • A minimum and maximum length can be configured, if desired.

dynamics 365 bar code setup

Good news, we are halfway to creating the coupon! Take a break, stretch, hydrate, and let’s continue with number sequences. We need to create two of them: one for the Coupon code ID and the other for the Coupon sequence. Head to Modules>Organization Administration>Number sequences>Number sequences.

  • Click Number sequence under New
  • Fill-in a meaningful Number sequence code and Name
  • Under Scope parameters select Company as the Scope and choose the correct company
  • In the Segments section choose a Prefix and Click SAVE.


Finally, we can create the actual Coupon! (The crowd goes wild!!!)

Head to Modules>Retail and commerce> Pricing and discounts>Coupons or search Coupons.

  • Click NEW and name the coupon something meaningful and add a description.
  • Key fields to consider are Usage limit and usage limit type.
    • Usage limit type can make this coupon specific to the Company, a Channel (retail store), or a Customer.
  • Assign a Discount under the Miscellaneous section.

assign a discount dynamics 365

Next, add a new line in the Lines fast tab. This will auto-generate a coupon code ID. The Coupon code field should be descriptive. Make note of the BARCODE number created.

 d365 barcode number

NOTE: Each coupon can have multiple codes and bar codes that trigger the coupon. There are two final utility steps and the set-up is done. Whew!

Select the barcode to be used for coupons. Go to Modules>Retail and commerce>Headquarters setup>Parameters>Commerce parameters>Price and discounts>Coupons>Coupon bar code mask. Using the drop down, select the barcode you created or identified.

dynamics 365 commerce parameters

Finally, assign the number sequence Modules>Retail and commerce>Headquarters set-up>Commerce shared parameters>Number sequences.

As we mentioned, Coupons are a slightly complex set-up but have great value in the retail space. They are multi-dimensional and allow the user to cover many different needs for a company, channel, or customer. Coupons can also be used on top of other built in discounts such as customer pricing group discounts and item pricing groups discounts.

Interested in learning more about Discounts and related topics in Dynamics 365? Be sure to check out Thursday’s session of the Finance & Accounting Track for Dynamics Digital Academy!

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