Is Dynamics 365 the Best ERP Solution?

The truth: The best ERP solution is the one that is best for your company’s needs. Of course, when Dynamics 365 is applicable, we as a Microsoft Partner are going to do our best to show you how it can help transform your business. BUT, when we are approached by a customer considering Dynamics for the first time, there are rare times that we have to openly suggest that Dynamics 365 may not a good fit.

To be clear, we don’t offer services for any other ERP solutions. We specialize in Dynamics 365 and related Microsoft technologies only, so when we tell someone we don’t think it’s the right fit we are effectively taking ourselves out of the sale.

Why disqualify ourselves in any situations, however rare they may be?

We are big proponents of being up front and transparent with a potential customer from the start. Maybe it is our managing partners’ roots as technology agnostic consultants, but in reality we are not trying to set a customer or ourselves up for failure before a project is even underway. For instance, as much as we have believe in the comprehensive vision and execution Microsoft has for Dynamics 365, there are still situations in some specialized industries where a vertical solution is simply going to better address the limited needs of that organization.

Now that we’ve covered that:

  • We’ve been focused solely on Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 for the last 15 years and if we do say so ourselves, we’re very good with it
  • The number of cases where companies approach us and are not a good fit for Dynamics 365 are shrinking every year
  • Microsoft’s Partner Network can be a blessing and a curse. Just as finding the right ERP solution is important, finding the right Partner for that solution is paramount

So when Microsoft Dynamics 365 IS a good fit, we’re ready to help!

Still, if you think we’re biased about what ERP solution is the best, you’re absolutely right. So here’s what an independent consulting firm (Third Stage Consulting) has to say:

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