Introducing the Microsoft D365 Government Accelerator

Read this blog and then put the pedal to the metal to get a look at a new tool for Public Sector & Government agencies to help them understand and consume data. Forgive me a slight digression, but is “Pedal to the Metal” still a thing? I sudden feel very 1976, Smokey and the Bandit-ish, like perhaps I just popped out a Burt Reynolds mustache. Anyway…

The Public Sector team recognized an industry effort to identify the value of agency data to assist in local community efforts. This challenge, made more apparent in the pandemic times, was met with a solution that includes data models and Power Platform apps to help implement in the field.

Dynamics 365 Government Accelerator

This initial wave of the government data model includes support for: policy, services, programs, benefits, eligibility, licenses, permits, grants, and more. To learn more about this release and to access the data model and power apps click here: Microsoft D365 Government Accelerator

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